Best Workplace Practices for Success During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Hansem Global Language Services Team in Vietnam Discusses the Details.

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베트남 내 코로나19 확산세가 극심해지면서 최근 베트남 당국이 호찌민시에 한 달간 봉쇄령을 내렸다고 하죠. 생필품 및 의약품 구매를 제외한 시민들의 외출을 전면 금지했다고 하는데요, 이에 호찌민에 위치한 한샘 베트남 직원들도 봉쇄령 기간 동안 재택근무에 돌입했다고 합니다. 처음 경험하는 재택근무지만 모두에게 효율적인 근무 방식을 고안하여 생산성을 유지 및 향상하고 있다고 하는데요, 베트남 법인의 Tuong Vi가 작성한 성공적인 재택근무 사례를 한샘 글로벌 영문 블로그를 통해 소개합니다.

Scripted by
Tuong Vi

The global pandemic has been gradually taking a toll on Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese living conditions. Hansem Global Language Services Team in Vietnam (reluctantly) decided to work from home during the 2021 Coronavirus outbreak. Separating our work life from our home spaces due to COVID-19 could be problematic when in the same surroundings. However, after one month of social distancing and constant virtual calls with our language service team members, we have figured out some tips to work from home effectively during COVID-19.


Before Ho Chi Minh went into full lockdown mode, we had been telling each other that working from home takes extra discipline and consideration. Offices have all those subtle and personal working spaces that navigate our minds productively. Meanwhile, the small working space at home is often associated with relaxation and fun. Our Hansem Global Language Services for Vietnamese team members may automatically think they can set the alarm later since driving to work is no longer on the agenda.

However, Hansem Global Vietnamese Language Services Team has developed a routine for our mornings, in which we would still wake up at our standard time and use that extra time to prepare our day. Some members use their spare time to exercise, while others spend their early routine preparing meals for the whole day. Then, by 8:15 am, everyone is ready at their desk and established to start a new working day of localization and translation in Vietnamese and other Asian language work we take on during COVID-19.

(Pic 1: Ready by our working station at 8:15 am)

This force of habit seems little at first, but it helps us maintain productivity and enthusiasm, just like working in the office.


It might take a few days to establish a new routine. To maintain our productivity 8 hours a day, we need discipline and structure. The most critical thing in 2021, in a COVID-19 work environment is to make sure our workstations are just as professional as our office cubicle or office wing. In Vietnam, not every language service employee was prepared to own a home office, but setting up a quiet space for your work is vital. Staff is advised to separate our work area from our personal space by staying as far from the bed or the dining area as much as possible. We are also encouraged to have our desks filled with sufficient working materials and supplies.

(Pic 2: Team members’ working areas)


Working from home can be mentally challenging for anyone choosing to continue to provide service during COVID-19 pandemic. While some people love working alone, after a few weeks of being stuck at home, staring at your laptop 8-10 hours a day, we all start to feel a little lonely and claustrophobic, especially those living on their own. Therefore, it is critical to constantly talk to one another via Skype, Facebook, or even phone calls. These virtual interactions provide us with some comfort and support we all crave during this trying time.

Each of our language teams, and sub-teams hold Skype meetings at least once a week to connect to catch up with the burning issues. If one member encounters challenges with their work, other members are there to lend a hand. Team leaders and managers also hold weekly online meetings to keep each other updated on current matters. Our General Director – Mr. Kim Il Hong – would use these times to update us on the COVID-19 situations and the protocols we have to follow.

After work, team members at Hansem Global in Vietnam would hold the online Werewolf game to exercise our brains and keep our close bond flaming and alive. We constantly remind one another: “We are working from homes, not on the moon. If you have a problem, talk to each other.” That attitude keeps us moving intensely after 4-weeks of working from home.

(Pic 3: Team’s Meeting)


The Coronavirus outbreak in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam is forcing millions of workers to adjust to a work from home lifestyle as soon as possible, including every team member in Hansem Global in Vietnam. Thankfully, our Asian language translation team has managed to stay on top and ahead of this unfortunate situation by setting up the right mindset, following the WFH routine with discipline and responsibility, and looking after one another, mentally and professionally. So far, Hansem Vietnam has been working to deliver projects with the same productivity and enthusiasm provided before COVID-19. The Hansem Global language services family, hopes to keep up this positivity and performance in the future, regardless of the pandemic or abrupt changes to our working conditions and workplaces. Times may be trying for businesses at the moment, but, Hansem Global encourages you to contact us to translate or localize your business during COVID-19.


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