How Does Hansem Maintain Its Excellent Marketing and Game Translation Quality in Korean?

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At Hansem, we feel confident in saying that the quality of our marketing and game translation in Korean is unrivaled. Over the years we have accumulated a lot of know-how through trial and error. The two examples below are perfect examples of how we have overcome difficulties and achieved an excellent quality in Korean localization.

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Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram, the biggest social media sites that have more than 1.35 billion and 600 million users worldwide, have built an advertising platform that allows advertisers to properly target their potential customers based on the demographic information voluntarily provided by 2 billion users. This business model has proven to be quite lucrative. Consequently, as the demand for catchy advertising phrases and natural sounding translations for marketing has increased. As advertisers began looking for a high-quality marketing translation and transcreation service providers in 2016, we were selected as the Korean language provider based on our excellent test results.

Over the years we’ve adopted four main strategies to help us guarantee our unique high quality in advertising.

Linguists Specialized in Advertising

Linguists who translate our advertising content must translate it not only correctly, but also in a way that it is culturally and historically appropriate for the local market and target users. They are expected to create expressions that sound natural and attract attention at the same time.

The pool of linguists who have the high level translation skills and creative writing ability suitable for advertising and marketing is very small. In order to solve this problem and to reliably provide a quality marketing translation service, we have hired skilled translators and trained them to be reviewers specialized in marketing content.

In-depth Understanding of the Products and Services

Hansem’s in-house reviewers learn about the target product or service prior to their review work. In the case of Facebook, we participated in their five week marketing seminar for advertisers, and were able to learn a lot about the main services provided by their platform and the principles of linking to the actual advertising platform.

In other words, the dedication of our well-trained in-house reviewers who have an accurate understanding of our products and services has enabled us to provide excellent quality work that has been well received by our customers since 2016.

Close Collaboration With Our Customers

Continuous communication with the customer was important for Facebook’s marketing strategies for the Korean market. For example, we propose having a bi-weekly session with the customer where they can gather with our reviewers and PMs to be updated on the current status and give and receive honest feedback.

Through these regular meetings we were able to understand exactly what the customer wants to communicate to their users and how to move forward in the Korean market.

Their honest feedback on the current state of the project has led to brainstorming for better translations and allowed us to move with the customer in the direction that they want to go.

Continuous Training of Linguists

When there is an event or educational seminar organized by Facebook, our dedicated actively participate to better improve their ongoing projects.

This process helps the linguists understand the constantly changing products and services that are offered. In addition, linguists who do the same work together can share their work difficulties and receive useful tips.

Unity Technologies

Hansem is the Korean translation partner of Unity Technologies, a game engine developer that provides the development environment for 2D and 3D video games. Unity’s translation tasks are different from marketing or advertising, so we endured many difficulties to achieve our excellent translation quality. Hansem has increased its expertise in the field of game translation by localizing various assets, such as Unity’s manuals, websites, marketing content on blogs, publicity, and tutorial video subtitle translations.

The strategy we took for the ensuring high quality translations for Unity is similar to the strategy we applied to Facebook. However, we use an equally great workforce with a completely different field of expertise and skillset.

Securing Expertise in the field of Game Localization

An accurate understanding of the game environment and the terms used by the game developers is required to be a competent translator in the game field. It is quite rare for a translator to also have a high level of understanding of the game development environment.

The difficulties that Hansem’s translators and reviewers had to overcome while localizing the game engine were many and it required a high degree of expertise.

The whole process required a lot of study. Hansem’s linguists learned all of the basic concepts and terms in the game development field on their own and later began to participate in the Unity Developer Forum and Unity Conference on a regular basis with the help of Hansem’s IT developers.

We were fortunate that Unity hosted various forums and conferences for game developers who wanted to use the Unity engine and provided a variety of references, so there was a lot of material for the linguists to study and learn.

Due to the high hurdles to attaining expertise in the field, Hansem has trained linguists to be specifically dedicated to Unity projects, and they are providing stable quality translation services tailored to the needs of our clients.

Close Collaboration

We are working to achieve perfect synchronization by discussing the translation style, direction, and new product localization plan by conducting monthly meetings with the Unity field game developers and the customer side linguist teams in charge of localization.

Building References

We have been actively producing reference material like translation style guides and glossaries. All of these have become frequent and necessary reference points when localizing Unity assets.

If new terms or new translation guidelines are needed, Hansem’s linguists always build reference material through active discussion and collaboration with the customer side localization team.

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