TC world conference 2015

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We are back from the TC world conference 2015 that took place in Stuttgart, Germany, during November 10-12. This year it was particularly meaningful to us since it was the 5th consecutive year we have been participating in the event. Expectation was higher than in previous years due to our independent booth exhibition of the company and our services, as well as a presentation due from CEO Kim Yang Sook.

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Messe Stuttgart, where the conference was held in

Last year we stayed at a hotel near the airport which was also close to the conference venue, but this year we settled ourselves in a downtown hotel. We were able to observe the everyday life of Stuttgart, an important commercial and industrial city in Germany.

Exterior and interior of our hotel

This year’s TC World Conference was bustling with manufacturers and other clients, technical communication firms, localization firms, and many others as each year its number of enterprises and participants grow profoundly. HansemEUG, just as it did last year, continued its endeavors to establish itself as a professional localization service provider specializing in Asian languages. We greeted numerous people from the localization industry and it felt wonderful to welcome clients who visited our booth, inquiring about our services.

HansemEUG’s booth stands out thanks to its vivid red color

One particularly encouraging moment was when one of our German clients recommended HansemEUG to others after being very satisfied with the collaboration they had with us. It felt great when we found out about it through a third party; it seemed like a small compensation for our continuous quality control and the sales effort we made for our European clients.

The TC World Conference, where we meet clients and businesses in the same industry from all over Europe, is a very important event for HansemEUG considering our localization and manual development enterprise branding. This is why our design team and system development team makes an extra effort every year. Their special input also led to this year’s outstanding booth design and service introduction application. It felt very rewarding to be able to do everything related to our booth exhibition on our own.

The greatly anticipated presentation by CEO Kim Yang Sook took place on the first day with the title “Examining Business and Cosumer Cultures in Korea, China, and Japan”.

CEO Kim Yang Sook prepares for her presentation

Her talk dealt with her experience with Korean, Chinese, and Japanese clients over the past 30 years. She talked about the different traits of people and businesses and shared her knowledge of the three cultures as well. Many took an interest in gaining an Asian viewpoint on Asian business culture – especially that of the three big economies of Asia – rather than a European one. Some people who missed the presentation even came to our booth to talk to her and sought out her insight, which shows how informative and interesting the talk was!

The audience gave her a big round of applause after attentively listening to her presentation

Due to the tight schedule we did not have too much time to look around the town this year, like the years before. But we did our best to discover the Stuttgart downtown and take a few photos. It was not as cold as Korea and it almost felt like a cool autumn day.

Stuttgart city

Photos were taken in front of Schlossplatz – the name means ‘square in front of a castle’ – and the surrounding streets in the morning. We actually had visited here last year but did not realize it was the same place because last year we strolled around in the evening.

Schlossplatz, last year

Unfortunately, we always seem to come across a big strike whenever we visit Stuttgart. Last year it was the train strike that gave us a hard time and this year it was the German airline Lufthansa. Since there isn’t a direct flight between Incheon and Stuttgart we needed to get a connecting flight, and we used Lufthansa to travel between Frankfurt and Stuttgart. We didn’t have any problems when we arrived into Stuttgart but, when we were leaving the city, our flight was cancelled just hours before it was due to take off, making our visit very memorable!

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