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Manual development and multilingual translation services are the core strengths of Hansem Global. We support our clients by adding value to their product and service and cultivating knowledgeable users. Our services connect people and technology.

We localize manuals for different regions and convert them into media that are accessible to users throughout the world. By employing various technologies we deliver clear, practical user information to the global market in paper, digital, and mobile web formats.

Manual Development

  • Mobile Web/App Manuals image

    Mobile Web/App Manuals

    This is an electronic manual designed to be read on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Because the format is optimized for various devices, it remains readable regardless of the brand or model.

  • PC Web Manuals image

    PC Web Manuals

    This is an electronic manual that can be provided in PDF, HTML, or e-book format. Whenever we produce an electronic manual, we carefully consider the nature of the product and the needs of end users.

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    Multimedia Manuals

    This multimedia manual uses motion graphics to convey instructions on how to set up and operate a device. This dynamic, user-friendly format is more effective than a text-heavy manual, as it’s more visually engaging and fun to read.

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    Printed Manuals

    Production of printed manuals such as this one requires knowledge of the typography of more than 40 countries and optimized layouts for each. Details such as the type and thickness of the printing paper must be considered too.

Our Competitive Strengths

  • 01.

    From Print to Mobile and Multi Publishing

    Developments in technology have transformed the information environment and created significant demand for manuals that can be accessed anywhere, at any time.

    Hansem Global has the technology to produce materials in a variety of formats: print, mobile app, mobile web, and desktop. We offer solutions that automatically convert print content to HTML5, a format that self-adjusts to suit devices of different sizes.

  • 02.

    Convenience of Multilingual Manual Production

    The development of multilingual manuals entails an elaborate process that goes far beyond mere translation. This process takes the specific regulations of individual countries and regions into account, as well as the need to use culturally appropriate images and adhere strictly to a product release schedule.

    Above all, we possess advanced publishing technology and data conversion technology that support various languages and media. This is incredibly important when localizing manuals in mobile web format.

  • 03.

    Effective Reuse of Content

    When developing manuals for mass-produced products with multiple variants and models, it’s necessary both to maintain consistency and to follow a time- and cost-efficient process. Therefore, we reuse content and standardize all our data management and work processes.

    At Hansem Global, we use a standard sentence management system to prevent the same information from being expressed differently across multiple versions of the manual.

  • 04.

    Conformity with Global Standards

    By identifying the precise legal issues and global quality standards that apply to the technical documents we work with, we can ensure a high standard of compliance.

    Our information architecture and the quality of our communications conform to international standards. As a result, we produce manuals with excellent searchability, usability, readability, and language quality.


Personalized Manual Development Training

EUG Suite 550

We provide hands-on training for manual creators, customizing the service for each client. First we examine a draft manual produced by the client and assess its quality. We then work with the client to impart the necessary knowledge and skills to begin improving it right away. View Details (Korean PDF)

Establishment of Standard Manual Development and Production Guidelines for the Global Market

EUG Suite 1750

This is a comprehensive service package in which we develop a standard manual for the client. We also provide detailed guidelines for the production of derivative manuals. View Details (Korean PDF)

User Experience (UX) Evaluation for User Manuals

Our UX evaluation experts are equipped with a testing room and standard equipment to provide UX evaluation services for user manuals. We conduct hands-on consumer behavior tests in our own laboratory, and this process yields valuable information for clients. It frequently reveals hidden weaknesses in manuals.

Evaluation of Compliance with International Standards

We assess your capacity to respond to global market demand, both in terms of legal resources and document quality, and to avoid falling short of the standards set forth in the Product Liability Act. An expert in international standards will evaluate your manuals against the IEC 82079 Checklist for Conformity and the corresponding IEC 82079 Checklist for Communication Effectiveness.

Hansem Global is the first and only translation company in Korea to gain recognition as one of the top 50 global language service providers and to acquire ISO 17100 certification for translation quality management. Our unique translation services entail a specialized translation process and thorough quality inspection.

Specialized Areas

  • Marketing & Transcreation image

    Marketing & Transcreation

    Localizing marketing and sales materials is more than translating text. It involves creating punchy lines that linger in the mind, engage the heart, and drive behavior. The reviewers and editors at Hansem Global know this. They revise the material until it’s perfect, always adapting it to suit the local culture and user context.

    Transcreation Service

  • Machine Translation image

    Machine Translation

    The localization team at Hansem Global successfully performs mass-volume translations on short deadlines using our machine translation solution. Our reviewers, who have acquired MTPE certification, provide a variety of post-editing services. We also offer translation engine training and management services, as well as pre-editing services to optimize the output.

    Machine Translation Service

  • Games image


    Localization of in-game text is a key factor in a game’s success. It adds value by helping players become immersed in a virtual fantasy world. Level configuration, story, characters, and background all need equal attention. We’ve accumulated vast experience and knowledge throughout our long history of localizing games by major industry players. Some of our clients include Twitch, Blizzard, and Game Insight.

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    The multilingual localization of manuals is a task that requires knowledge and experience in various areas. At Hansem Global , we have the capacity to monitor quality at every step, to ensure that terms are used consistently, and to create and manage multilingual content. As a company with 30 years of experience in manual development, Hansem Global has a reputation for effective cost management and for responding promptly to clients’ needs. We particularly excel at the multilingual localization of mobile web manuals.

Supported languages image

Supported languages

Localization Quality Assurance

  • Specialized Language Resources

    Translators with professional expertise in such diverse fields as medical science, IT, finance, science and technology, marketing, construction, education, automobiles, and law guarantee the quality of translated materials. They check carefully to ensure that all terms and expressions are appropriate for the target readership. Reviewers with native proficiency in the target language and outstanding expertise in their respective fields add an extra layer of quality assurance.

  • ISO 17100 Certified

    Hansem Global is the first and only company in Korea that has acquired ISO 17100 certification. This standard sets forth the processes that directly influence the quality of a translation, the qualifications that translators need to have, and the actions that all service providers must take. We comply strictly with ISO 17100. Accordingly, we seek out translators who are highly qualified and who have demonstrated they are capable of performing at a professional level.

  • Localization Engineering

    To serve our clients, it’s not enough to translate text word for word. Localization engineering experts at Hansem Global conduct a careful analysis of the source content before proceeding. They’re also involved in all pre-production and post-production processes: they detect errors and solve problems at the software development, debugging, and TM integrity check phases.

  • Language Quality Assurance

    Multilingual translation, by its very nature, carries a high risk of introducing errors. By employing the latest technology and carrying out specialized LQA activities, Hansem Global has created a robust system to prevent, detect, and correct errors.

We convey the unique selling points of our clients’ products with eye-catching design, clear organization of content, and copywriting that adds finesse.

Marketing Communications

  • Sales Materials image

    Sales Materials

    We produce sales guides for various products and services. By presenting the information in a simple, visually engaging way, our guides increase sales by helping salespeople understand and remember the unique selling points.

  • Experience Materials image

    Experience Materials

    We produce user experience tools to facilitate a hands-on experience for customers at our clients’ stores. First we select topics likely to engage customers’ interest, and then we present an action plan they can implement in steps. By anticipating the needs of our clients’ customers, we can create effective courses and teaching materials.

  • Motion Graphics image

    Motion Graphics

    We produce publicity videos to promote various products and services using live action, 3D animation, sound, and special effects. By paying close attention to the nature of the product or service and adjusting our approach accordingly, we ensure perfectly customized videos.

Our Competitive Strengths

  • 01.

    A One-Stop Production Solution

    Hansem Global employees carry out storyboarding, composition, copywriting, design, video production, translation, and even multilingual editing. This efficient process streamlines content production, design planning, and translation for more than 53 languages and regional variants. As a result, the quality of the final product is far more professional and clients can dramatically reduce time and costs.

  • 02.

    Exceptional Organization and Content Planning

    Drawing on more than 25 years of experience in content planning and development, Hansem Global’s outstanding technical writers have a knack for analyzing user information and organizing content effectively. They deliver excellent value after carefully monitoring market trends and assessing clients’ needs.

  • 03.

    Eye-Catching Design

    Hansem Global’s graphic design experts meet clients’ needs after precisely analyzing products, consumers, concepts, and design trends. In this way, they can visually materialize key product characteristics and user information.

  • 04.

    Professional Copywriting

    Marketing copy must attract readers’ attention in an instant if it is to influence purchase decisions. Headings must be memorable and have a strong emotional impact. The body copy must be concise, delivering the main points in an accessible and appealing way. Copywriters at Hansem Global prepare marketing materials with these points firmly in mind.

We’ve developed a system to minimize the inconsistencies that can occur during the manual development and localization process as a result of human error. This system makes use of automated solutions that facilitate data management and the reuse of text.

Automated Conversion Solutions

  • TransEZ image

    TransEZ, for Automatic Conversion to HTML

    We create printed manuals in InDesign, applying flexible layouts and other design elements so that the data can easily be converted to response-type HTML5 using TransEZ. The resulting digital manuals can be viewed on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. The TransEZ solution is optimized for more than 50 languages.

  • Weaver image

    Weaver, for Automatic Matching of UI Terms

    This is a program that automatically converts text into multiple languages after recognizing positions and changes in the UI terms contained in technical documents.

  • SENTCO image

    SENTCO, for Standardization of Content

    When a number of writers located in different regions work together to create a manual, their content can be standardized more easily when it’s managed and shared in one place. This cloud-based platform facilitates searching, as well as the writing and reuse of standardized sentences. By working this way, it’s easier for a team of writers to coordinate their efforts and achieve consistency.

  • MUI image

    MUI, for Effective UI String Management

    This system facilitates the standardization of UI text on products and documents. At a glance, you can check and extract multilingual UI text previously produced in a cloud environment. This makes it easier to manage strings containing multiple versions of the same UI text, as well as to trace different versions and achieve consistency.

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