HansemEUG China’s Production Team Relocates within Wuhan

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HansemEUG China operates a production team of project managers and linguists in Wuhan in order to find and manage skilled translation resources, respond faster to our clients, and to efficiently control the translation quality of Chinese language projects. In April, our Wuhan team moved to a bigger office in the Poly International (保利国际) building. They have become the latest residents of this shared office space that offers a variety of facilities, including meeting rooms, a reception room, a tea room, a common room, and separated office spaces.

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Entrance to the Office Building

Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, is the most important transportation hub in China and is also the city with the highest number of universities in the world, being home to 84 universities in Wuhan alone. It is an examplar education city in China, and because it is easy to recruit smart and talented university graduates, a lot of corporations in first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai have been moving into this city. Our office is located in the office district of Optics Valley (光谷), which is a new development area, and nearby is the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (华中科技大学), one of the most prestigious universities in Wuhan. The world famous Optics Valley Pedestrian Street (世界城光谷步行街) is also nearby.

Downtown Wuhan

Access to the office building is strict and well-managed, so a lot of IT companies that deal with security data prefer this office. It offers high-speed Internet access, as well as well-equipped conference rooms, educational rooms, office pantry, and lounge.

Lounge and Reception Room

Individual office spaces can be selected in a variety of sizes to flexibly respond to any future expansion of the workforce. Our team currently uses two rooms.

Individual Office Rooms

Nowadays, the team is focused on translating and reviewing documents from a world-renowned game engine company that has been commissioned by our American branch, HansemEUG America. Our team has received praise from our customers for the quality of their first English into Chinese project and now the language pairs have been expanded to English into Korean, German, and French, and the overall size of the projects have been growing fast. We look forward to seeing more of their achievements soon!

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