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For three decades, Hansem Global has had one mission: making critical information
accurate and easy to understand in every language. Transcend language barriers with
our expert translation, localization, and user experience (UX) writing services.

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Whether it's crafting compelling content or ensuring precise localization of materials, we tailor our expertise to meet the unique needs of each sector, fostering global connections through language excellence.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide you with the tools and support to confidently engage with international markets, cultures, and communities. Our streamlined processes, skilled team, and deep tech integration allow us to consistently deliver flawless, high-quality work globally in record time.

Industries We Serve

Gain a competitive edge in the life sciences sector with multilingual communication services that are accurate, culturally appropriate, and compliant with global regulations.

Rely on us for critical tasks such as research documentation, regulatory submissions, patient information, and commercial outreach, ensuring compliance and fostering industry advancement and public safety.

Harness Hansem Global’s specialized multilingual services to rev up your Digital Marketing and Advertising efforts. Get digital campaign content that’s precisely tailored—linguistically and culturally—so that your message resonates with audiences worldwide.

Drive engagement, amplify brand awareness, and pave the way for global success with messages and imagery crafted for your target customers by quality-focused experts with a deep knowledge of market trends.

Tap into expert multilingual communication solutions designed for the fast-paced Retail & eCommerce industry with Hansem Global.

From enticing product descriptions to engaging marketing campaigns, clear customer service communications, and smooth website localization, we boost your customer experience, guarantee compliance, and drive growth across markets.

Accuracy is everything in legal translation services. A single word out of place can invalidate a contract or put a legal case in jeopardy.

We understand the complexities of legal communications, so your documents—from contracts to litigation support—meet the highest accuracy and cultural sensitivity standards.

Our attention to detail in translated content smooths international operations, improves adherence to global standards, protects workers’ safety, and fuels effective global marketing strategies.

Make sure every piece of communication, from technical manuals to marketing materials, is linguistically and technically accurate for every language you do business in.

You can expect linguistic precision and tech-savviness across all materials, from technical documentation to software localization, user manuals, and marketing content.

Our precision fuels your global reach, boosts user experience, ensures compliance with international standards, and complements the industry’s innovative spirit.

We make sure your financial reports, accounting documents, banking guides, and business contracts are not only linguistically precise but also aligned with industry-specific terminology and standards.

This level of precision is key to achieving clear communication, adhering to international regulations, and keeping global operations running smoothly across these critical sectors.

Skyrocket comprehension, retention, and engagement with high-quality eLearning localization solutions featuring culturally-aligned lessons in your learners’ native languages. E-learning localization also boosts accessibility and aids diversity initiatives.

Transform educational materials, e-learning content, and training modules into resources that are not only linguistically accurate but also relevant for diverse global learners.

To captivate an international audience with your story, be it through a game, a show, or any other form of entertainment, requires thorough cultural adaptation. If it doesn’t resonate on an emotional level, they won’t embrace it.

From perfect video game localization to compelling entertainment media translations, give gamers and audiences the content they crave—content that’s not just accurate but is engaging, authentic, and culturally aligned– Together we will create deeply immersive experiences that meet the high standards of today’s demanding global consumers.

The automotive industry requires expert translation and localization to accurately convey technical details and appeal to global markets culturally. Our multilingual solutions help auto companies stay competitive and satisfy customers worldwide.

Make sure your automotive communications—technical manuals, safety guidelines, marketing brochures, and customer service documents—are precisely translated and culturally attuned.

Innovate Global Communication with Hansem Global

Power global engagement at the speed of light with state-of-the-art AI and machine translation technology.

AI Powered Voiceover, Subtitling, and Transcription

Discover a new era of AI-powered voiceover, subtitling, and transcription services with Hansem Global. Our solutions deliver highly accurate, context-aware content at unprecedented speed and scale, ensuring a natural, human-like listening experience, free from past robotic tones.

With the ability to generate multilingual narration instantly, our services expand your global reach while maintaining consistent accuracy, thanks to our skilled linguists and video experts. Additionally, our AI technology enhances the efficiency of the localization process, reducing both costs and time to market, all upheld by our ISO 18587-certified MTPE experts.

Experience rapid and precise AI-driven voiceover, subtitling, and transcription services that ensure a natural listening experience. Our multilingual solutions, supported by expert linguists and cutting-edge technology, streamline localization while reducing costs and time to market.

Adaptive MT & Generative AI Translation

Discover Hansem Global's advanced machine translation (MT) and generative AI, where AI and human expertise blend to tailor translations to your domain's unique style and terminology, ensuring maximum precision and consistency.

Our adaptive MT continuously fine-tunes translations in real time, adjusting to user context and specialized terminology for enhanced clarity. Supported by domain-specific learning and evolving through user feedback, our approach integrates corrections and suggestions to constantly improve, with all output verified by ISO 18587-certified MTPE experts for guaranteed accuracy.

Leverage Hansem Global's advanced machine translation and AI for tailored, precise translations. Our technology adapts in real time, learning from user feedback and ensuring consistency across all translations, all verified by ISO-certified experts.

Simplify Your Workflow With Hansem Global’s Localization Platform

Streamline your translation journey with Hansem Global's innovative localization platform, designed to integrate all systems involved in the translation process for seamless project management. Our platform allows clients, project managers, and collaborators to work together efficiently, sharing notes and accessing final translations within a single ecosystem. Enhanced by synchronized management systems, it ensures superior quality control and efficiency.

Simplify your translation process with our integrated localization platform. This tool facilitates collaboration and streamlines management, enhancing quality control and project efficiency within a unified ecosystem.

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