Why Choose Hansem Global for Website Localization?

Decades of Localization Expertise

Hansem Global brings over 30 years of experience in website localization across various industries, expertly adapting your digital presence for global markets.

Linguistic and SEO Excellence

Our native linguists deliver precise, culturally relevant translations that maintain your brand voice, paired with SEO strategies that boost visibility and organic traffic globally.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

We implement rigorous testing to ensure seamless functionality and user experience in all languages, essential for engaging a sophisticated global audience effectively.

Benefits of Website Localization

  • Reach Global Markets

    Expand your customer base and tap into new revenue streams by speaking directly to international audiences.

  • Increased Website Traffic

    Attract more visitors with localized content that caters to local search habits and interests.

  • Improved Conversion Rates

    Drive higher engagement and conversions by providing a familiar and culturally relevant website experience.

Our Localization Services

Website Content Localization

  • Text Translation and Cultural Adaptation
    Our highly skilled linguists make sure every word is translated correctly and maintains the original tone and intent.
  • User Interface Adaptation
    We localize UI elements to align with local cultural expectations.
  • Regular Updates and Maintenance
    Keep your site up-to-date in all languages with ongoing translation services.

Seamless website localization for global reach and user engagement

SEO Localization

  • Keyword Research and Adaptation
    Keywords cannot just be translated. We find out which keywords get traffic in the local market and use those in translations.
  • Localized Meta Tags and Descriptions
    As with keywords, these cannot just be translated. We adapt these elements for the local market.
  • Analytics and Performance Monitoring
    From pinpointing the exact keywords your local audience uses to continuous performance tracking for results that get better over our time, we optimize your website to grab attention and clicks.

Enhanced SEO strategies tailored for local markets, driving targeted traffic and maximizing online visibility

Multimedia Localization

  • Image Localization
    We adapt your images to align with cultural norms and values, ensuring that colors, symbols, and visual metaphors send the right message in each locale.
  • Video Localization
    Transform your videos to resonate with local markets by adapting everything from subtitles and voice-overs to on-screen text and graphics, taking into account linguistic subtleties and regional preferences.
  • Other Multimedia Elements
    Whether it’s animations, infographics, or interactive content, we localize all multimedia components to ensure they are culturally relevant and accessible to your target audience.

Tailored multimedia adaptation, amplifying cultural resonance and engagement across diverse audiences

Terminology Management

  • Term Extraction
    We identify key terms from your materials, including technical jargon and industry-specific vocabulary.
  • Term Database Creation
    We strucure termbase template with metadata such as part of speech, detailing definitions, context, and usage notes.
  • Term Translation
    Each term is translated into your target languages, considering cultural nuances.
  • Integration with Tools
    Our database integrates with industry-standard translation tools for consistent usage.
  • Maintenance
    Regular updates ensure the database reflects evolving language and user feedback.

Efficient terminology management, optimizing language consistency and accuracy

Functional Testing

  • Test Planning
    Develop a detailed plan outlining objectives, resources, and timelines.
  • Test Case Development
    Create scenarios to test typical and unusual use cases.
  • Test Environment Setup
    Configure hardware, software, and network settings.
  • Execution of Test Cases
    Testers input defined inputs and compare actual outputs with expected results.
  • Defect Tracking
    Log issues into a tracking system, prioritize based on severity, and assign for resolution.
  • Regression Testing
    Ensure fixes haven’t affected other parts of the software.
  • Reporting
    Generate detailed reports documenting progress, coverage, and findings.
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
    End-users validate software functionality against requirements.
  • Final Verification
    Confirm readiness for production after resolving defects.

Comprehensive functional testing ensuring seamless website performance


Rely On Our Rigorous Quality Assurance Process

rust in Hansem Global's stringent quality assurance, which upholds international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 17100, ISO 18587, ISO 27001) to ensure that each translation achieves accuracy, fluency, and cultural appropriateness.

Access the World's Finest Linguists with Hansem Global Language Network

Our approach prioritizes human expertise, connecting you with linguists who are not only language experts but also deeply understand cultural nuances and specific domain requirements. With a network spanning over 200 languages, we enable global reach and cultural connectivity.

See Our Services In Action

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