Why Over-The-Phone Interpretation?

  • Instant Connection

    Access professional interpreters in seconds, ensuring no delays in your critical conversations.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    Save on the expenses associated with face-to-face interpretation, such as travel and accommodation costs.

  • Extensive Language Coverage

    With a vast pool of interpreters fluent in multiple languages, we cater to a global clientele, ensuring no language is left behind.

  • Flexibility and Convenience

    Our services are available 24/7, perfect for urgent needs or conversations across different time zones.

Industries We Serve


In the healthcare industry, telephonic interpretation services are necessary when language barriers exist between healthcare providers and patients. These services facilitate accurate communication during medical consultations, ensuring that patients receive appropriate care and understand their treatment options.

Critical communication bridge for healthcare providers and patients


This service is crucial for maintaining the integrity of legal processes and for upholding the rights of non-native speakers. They enable clear and effective communication between attorneys and clients who speak different languages, ensuring that all parties fully understand legal concepts and proceedings.

Essential support for legal clarity and fairness for non-native speakers

Business and Finance

In the business and finance sectors, over-the-phone interpretation services are instrumental for conducting international negotiations and meetings. They ensure that all participants, regardless of their native language, can communicate effectively and understand each other’s proposals and terms clearly.

Key to global business communication and negotiations

Customer Service

In the customer service sector, over-the-phone interpretation services are used to provide multilingual support, enabling businesses to effectively communicate with a diverse customer base. This ensures that all customers receive the help they need in their preferred language, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced customer support through multilingual services by catering to diverse language needs


Professional Interpreter Network

Hansem Global's Interpreter Network offers 200+ accredited interpreters worldwide. VRI-qualified for the top 25 languages, they meet strict proficiency and tech standards, including HIPAA compliance for medical interpreters. ASL interpreters are RID certified, and legal and government interpreters hold relevant certifications.
  • Minimum 1 year of interpreting experience (average: 8 years)
  • Language proficiency test (ILR scale score of 3+)
  • Culture fit interview
  • Mock oral interpretation (80%+ score)
  • Resume and medical terminology assessment (90%+ score)
  • Background check, security screen, and IT spec test
  • Orientation on confidentiality, ethics, and HIPAA compliance
  • Our evaluation adheres to NCIHC, IMIA, and CHIA standards.