Why Choose Video Remote Interpretation?

  • Visual Communication

    The power of face-to-face interaction without the need for physical presence, ideal for understanding non-verbal cues and sign language.

  • Instant Access

    Connect with an interpreter in moments, essential for urgent or unplanned situations.

  • Cost-Effective

    Eliminate the costs associated with on-site interpretation services, such as travel and accommodation.

  • Global Language Support

    Our interpreters cover a wide range of languages, including rare and less commonly spoken dialects.

Application of Video Remote Interpretation

Clinical Trials & Medical Consultations

In clinical trials and medical consultations, video remote interpretation services play a crucial role in facilitating patient-doctor interactions. They ensure that communication is both accurate and empathetic, allowing for comprehensive understanding and patient care across language barriers.

Empowering patient-doctor interactions across languages with accurate and empathetic communication

Legal Proceedings

Video remote interpretation services are essential for facilitating clear and effective communication during client-attorney discussions, witness depositions, and courtroom interpretations. This technology allows for real-time language support.

Facilitating seamless legal communication with real-time video interpretation

Business Meetings

Video remote interpretation services are utilized to facilitate international negotiations, training sessions, and conferences. This allows participants from various linguistic backgrounds to engage fully and effectively, ensuring that all communication is clear and comprehensible.

Enabling seamless global communication through video interpretation in business meetings

Educational Settings

In educational settings, video remote interpretation services support students and parents during academic discussions and educational planning meetings. This ensures that non-native speakers can fully participate and understand the details of their educational options and requirements, bridging language gaps effectively.

Empowering inclusive education with video interpretation for seamless communication


Professional Interpreter Network

Hansem Global's Interpreter Network offers 200+ accredited interpreters worldwide. VRI-qualified for the top 25 languages, they meet strict proficiency and tech standards, including HIPAA compliance for medical interpreters. ASL interpreters are RID certified, and legal and government interpreters hold relevant certifications.
  • Minimum 1 year of interpreting experience (average: 8 years)
  • Language proficiency test (ILR scale score of 3+)
  • Culture fit interview
  • Mock oral interpretation (80%+ score)Resume and medical terminology assessment (90%+ score)
  • Resume and medical terminology assessment (90%+ score)
  • Background check, security screen, and IT spec test
  • Orientation on confidentiality, ethics, and HIPAA compliance
  • Our evaluation adheres to NCIHC, IMIA, and CHIA standards.