Why Choose Hansem Global's AI-Powered Transcription, Subtitling, and Voiceover Services?

Tailored Multimedia for Every Audience

Adapt your media content to resonate with diverse audiences worldwide, breaking through the clutter of today's saturated media environment with creative and culturally relevant multimedia.

AI-Powered Solutions

Utilize cost-effective AI technology, including automated transcription, live captions, and AI voice-over, seamlessly integrated to extend the reach of your content.

Accessible Media for Global Audiences

Engage with international markets by delivering multimedia content that is easily understood and accessible to all, ensuring inclusivity and broadening your audience reach.

Benefits of AI-powered Transcription, Subtitling, and Voiceover

  • Cost-effective

    Save money by eliminating the need for expensive studio sessions and professional voiceover talent, reducing costs compared to traditional methods.

  • Time-saving

    Generate voiceovers in minutes, significantly reducing turnaround time compared to manual methods that take hours.

  • Scalable

    Easily create multiple versions of voiceovers for different audiences or languages, and generate subtitles for videos of any length or language without constraints.

Our Multimedia Localization Services

Multilingual Voice Over

  • Accelerated Time-to-Market
    Utilize synthetic voices to halve audio production durations, ensuring quicker delivery to market.
  • Cost Efficiency
    AI offers cost-effective alternatives to talent or studio expenses, with seamless scalability.
  • Expanded Audience Reach
    Efficiently localize extensive video content, enhancing accessibility and broadening your audience base.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
    Engage audiences effectively with lifelike voices in their native language, fostering superior customer experiences.

Multilingual voice-over services for rapid market delivery and expanded audience reach

Multilingual Subtitling

  • Cultural Adaptation
    Customization for target cultures ensures cultural appropriateness and audience alignment.
  • Synchronization and Timing
    Timely subtitles match audio pacing for seamless viewing experiences.
  • Subtitle Formatting
    Readable and platform-compliant formatting, including character limits and placement.
  • Diverse Language Offerings
    Services available in over 200 languages handled by native speakers.

Customized, synchronized multilingual subtitling for seamless global viewing experiences

AI-Powered Transcription

  • High-Quality Transcription
    Our services ensure precise capture of details and nuances, delivering fast and reliable transcripts.
  • Multiple Language Support
    With services available in up to 200 languages, our native speakers and linguistic experts handle each language’s subtleties.
  • Fast Turnaround Time
    Benefit from quick turnaround times without compromising quality, thanks to our efficient workflows and dedicated team.
  • Confidentiality and Security
    Your sensitive information remains confidential and secure throughout the transcription process with our strict data protection measures.

AI-powered transcription services: precise, fast, and secure in over 200 languages


Rely On Our Rigorous Quality Assurance Process

Trust in Hansem Global's stringent quality assurance, which upholds international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 17100, ISO 18587, ISO 27001) to ensure that each translation achieves accuracy, fluency, and cultural appropriateness.

Access the World's Finest Linguists with Hansem Global Language Network

Our approach prioritizes human expertise, connecting you with linguists who are not only language experts but also deeply understand cultural nuances and specific domain requirements. With a network spanning over 200 languages, we enable global reach and cultural connectivity.