Multimedia Localization for Enhanced Voice Command in Wireless Communications

SENA Technology, a global leader in wearable multimedia wireless communications, partnered with Hansem Global to localize TTS voice commands for their products. This collaboration ensured natural, clear, and user-friendly TTS voice guidance, enhancing user experience and reinforcing SENA's brand image.

This process included fine-tuning pitch, intonation, and rhythm to enhance the overall user experience.

Project Summary

SENA Technology provides advanced communication solutions for motorcycle riders, including voice command functions that allow users to control various features hands-free. To support their global customer base, SENA needed to localize these TTS voice commands into multiple languages. They partnered with Hansem Global to achieve natural and understandable TTS voice recordings, ensuring seamless user experiences across different regions.


User Acceptability
Text-to-speech (TTS) technology often produces audio that lacks the natural tone and mannerisms of human speech. This can create a sense of artificiality and reduce user acceptance. Achieving a natural-sounding TTS voice that mimics real human speech requires meticulous attention to detail and sophisticated processing techniques.

Local Understandability
TTS-generated audio can suffer from awkward tones, unnatural manners, and pronunciation issues, which can hinder comprehension, especially for non-native speakers. Ensuring that the TTS voice is
clear and easily understood by users in different locales necessitates rigorous quality assurance and linguistic validation.

Our Solutions

Professional TTS Voice Conversion
After completing multilingual localization, Hansem Global undertook the TTS voice conversion process. This involved adhering closely to client instructions, such as maintaining the pronunciation of product names in English, and editing the TTS audio to achieve a natural, human-like quality. This process included fine-tuning pitch, intonation, and rhythm to enhance the overall user experience.

Evaluation with Local Inspectors
To ensure the highest quality of TTS audio, Hansem Global conducted thorough evaluations with local inspectors. These evaluations focused on key quality metrics, such as intelligibility without visual text aids and the naturalness of the audio. Feedback was used to refine the TTS output, ensuring it met the high standards required for effective and user-friendly communication across diverse linguistic and cultural contexts.


The collaboration between SENA Technology and Hansem Global resulted in high-quality TTS audio that exceeded expectations. The natural and clear voice commands significantly enhanced user satisfaction and experience, fostering increased brand loyalty. This successful localization effort strengthened SENA’s position as a global leader in wearable multimedia wireless communications. By leveraging Hansem Global’s expertise in multilingual localization and TTS voice conversion, SENA was able to provide superior voice command functionality, meeting the diverse needs of their international user base and solidifying their market presence.