Website localization by Hansem Global: GoPro

Learn more about what Hansem Global focused on when translating the website content of GoPro, a pioneer in action cameras industry.


Hansem Global’s User Manual Expertise in Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Solutions

Discover how Hansem Global successfully developed a user-centric EV charger manual for Humax, overcoming significant technical and linguistic challenges. Learn more about our tailored solutions in this detailed case study.


Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Documents for Semiconductor Equipment

Discover how Hansem Global transformed SOP documentation for semiconductor manufacturing, improving searchability, usability, and operational efficiency. Learn about our strategic communication, documentation excellence, and how we adapt to meet specialized industry needs.


Innovating Product Documents for Advanced HVAC Systems: A Case Study on Navien’s User Documentation

Explore our case study on Navien's collaboration with Hansem Global to develop user documentation for advanced HVAC systems, detailing challenges, solutions, and the outcome of adapting to North American standards.

KD Navien

Professional Voice Guidance Localization for Dashcams and Navigation Systems

Discover how Hansem Global provided comprehensive localization, from translation to professional voice actor recording, for Thinkware's voice guidance service.


Multimedia Localization for Enhanced Voice Command in Wireless Communications

SENA Technology, a global leader in wearable multimedia wireless communications, partnered with Hansem Global to localize TTS voice commands for their products. This collaboration ensured natural, clear, and user-friendly TTS voice guidance, enhancing user experience and reinforcing SENA's brand image.

Sena Technology

Navigating Global Compliance: The Integral Role of User Manual Translation and Localization Services

Discover the critical role of user manual translation and localization in meeting global regulatory compliance. Learn how Hansem Global leverages expertise and technology to ensure your international product manuals adhere to local regulations.


Driving Innovation: Hyundai’s Fuel Cell Electric Truck User Manual

Launching Hyundai’s pioneering Xcient FCEV truck, Hansem Global developed an innovative, user-friendly manual that redefines industry standards. This comprehensive guide not only meets international regulations but also enhances user accessibility and understanding, heralding a new era for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.