Innovating Product Documents for Advanced HVAC Systems: A Case Study on Navien’s User Documentation

Explore our case study on Navien's collaboration with Hansem Global to develop user documentation for advanced HVAC systems, detailing challenges, solutions, and the outcome of adapting to North American standards.

Optimized the development timeline by reusing and adapting pre-existing content and illustrations, ensuring efficient and accurate documentation production.

Project Summary

The demand for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems in the United States is surging due to factors such as climate change, stringent energy standards, and the growth of the construction sector. Enhanced by smart home technologies, this demand is leading to innovations in energy management.

Navien, a leader in advanced water heating using condensing technology from South Korea, has expanded its presence in the North American market. For its latest HVAC product, NPF700, Navien enlisted Hansem Global to develop an Installation & Operation manual that not only adheres to North American safety regulations but also aligns with the design and style of existing manuals, ensuring consistency across the product line.


Comprehensive Understanding of the HVAC System

  • The complexity of new functionalities in Navien’s HVAC systems posed a challenge due to our initial unfamiliarity with the latest technological advancements.
  • Adapting to stringent North American safety regulations (ANSI) was essential yet challenging.
  • Collaborating with product engineers and analyzing design documents were crucial for gaining detailed insights into the innovative features of the product.

Maintaining Style Consistency

  • Maintaining a consistent tone and quality in line with previous documentation was challenging.
  • It was necessary to efficiently filter and organize relevant information from extensive technical documents provided by product engineers.

Meeting Turnaround Time Requirement

  • The project required rapid completion of planning, design, writing, illustrating, and publishing to meet tight deadlines.
  • Efficient use of existing content was critical to meet the project timelines.

Our Solutions

In-depth Product Familiarization

  • Utilized comprehensive resource materials to fully understand the operational principles of the HVAC system.
  • Scheduled the interviews with SME and made site visits to Navien to gain product knowledge, ensuring accurate documentation.

Strategic Utilization of Expertise in Product Documentation:

  • Ensured close communication with product engineers for information accuracy.
  • Implemented verified safety information and detailed installation guidelines from prior documentation to enhance information clarity and user compliance.
  • Focused on developing clear, user-friendly installation instructions and operational details.

Leveraging Content Development Resources:

  • Used advanced 2D and 3D modeling tools for clear and detailed illustrations of installation and wiring, simplifying the user’s understanding.
  • Optimized the development timeline by reusing and adapting pre-existing content and illustrations, ensuring efficient and accurate documentation production.


In just two months, Hansem Global successfully accomplished the mission of developing a comprehensive Installation & Operation Manual for a new product line. This documentation not only meets but exceeds the expectations of users by providing clear, precise, and easy-to-follow instructions that ensure optimal product performance. This achievement underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality, user-centric documentation that enhances the customer experience.

To build on this success, we invite potential clients from various manufacturing sectors to experience the benefits of our proven expertise and capabilities. Hansem Global is fully equipped to support a wide range of industries with high-quality documentation solutions that can transform user interaction and product comprehension.