Hansem Global’s Game Content Localization for netmarble

Learn how Hansem Global expertly localized netmarble’s gaming content for global markets through the Localization Quality Evaluation (LQE) process. Read our case study on challenges, effective solution, and outstanding outcomes.


Elevating Brand Engagement: Hansem Global’s Multimedia Localization for TaylorMade

Explore how Hansem Global's meticulous localization of TaylorMade's YouTube content for the South Korean market heightened brand visibility and engagement. This case study delves into the intricacies of delivering precise, culturally tailored multimedia translations.


Successful Localization of “Lost Eidolons” into Chinese

This case study examines the successful localization of the game "Lost Eidolons," published by Ocean Drive Studio, into Chinese. Hansem Global, a renowned localization company, undertook this challenging project. The case study explores the strategies, challenges, and outcomes of this localization effort.

Ocean Drive Studio

Mastering Tech/Marketing Localization for Game Engine Developer, Unity

Explore how Hansem Global expertly enhanced the localization of the Unity game engine, securing top-tier Korean language quality for this renowned game development platform.