Mastering Tech/Marketing Localization for Game Engine Developer, Unity

Explore how Hansem Global expertly enhanced the localization of the Unity game engine, securing top-tier Korean language quality for this renowned game development platform.

The task required developing a robust Korean localization strategy that could handle the large volume of content efficiently and effectively, ensuring consistency and accessibility across all sections.

Project Summary

Unity Technologies, widely recognized for its Unity game engine, enables creators to develop and manage interactive, real-time 3D content, focusing on localizing game development tools for broader accessibility. Unity’s primary goal is to democratize game development by making it accessible to more people with less technical expertise and lower costs. However, as Korean language quality issues continue to arise, Unity Technologies emphasized improving their Korean localization to enhance user engagement across Korea.


  • Subject Matter
    A significant challenge in the Unity game engine localization is the need for extensive knowledge about gaming mechanics and engine-specific functionalities. This expertise ensures that translations accurately reflect the technical language and concepts crucial for Unity developers. Without a deep understanding of these elements, translators risk producing unclear or incorrect translations, which can lead to development errors.
  • Volume
    Hansem Global encountered a major challenge while localizing Unity’s extensive user manual that reached over a million words of cumulative volume. The task required developing a robust Korean localization strategy that could handle the large volume of content efficiently and effectively, ensuring consistency and accessibility across all sections.
  • Quality
    Maintaining high-quality technical documentation translation across diverse content types presents another significant challenge. For Unity, this includes not only traditional documents but also videos, whitepapers, blogs, and marketing materials. Each format demands unique translation approaches and quality assurance processes to meet the high standards expected by Unity and its global users.

Our Solutions

  • Style Guide and Glossary
    To support Unity’s localization, Hansem Global created a detailed Korean glossary and style guide in collaboration with Unity Technologies Korea. This guide includes specialized terminology that translators and reviewers are required to use consistently. It is updated continually to reflect new insights and changes as the project progresses, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the translation process.
  • Assigning a Lead Linguist
    Hansem Global appointed a dedicated lead linguist for the Unity Technologies Korea project to ensure efficient and effective communication with the client. The lead linguist was well-informed about the overall project progress, client requirements, and the context of the tasks, which significantly improved productivity and quality by providing a single point of consistent communication.
  • Bi-weekly Sessions with Client Reviewers
    Bi-weekly meetings were held to discuss translation quality and manage Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) evaluations. These sessions facilitated immediate sharing of issues as they arose and swift approval of more efficient methodologies developed during the workflow. This proactive communication strategy helped mitigate problems quickly and enhanced the overall efficiency of the project.


Thanks to Hansem Global’s active participation in setting up localization strategy for Korean, the client expanded their languages to us. They also explored opportunities to provide language services in Southeast Asia through their local branch in Vietnam.

This collaboration led to a robust partnership and the successful localization of the Unity game engine, setting a high standard for global content adaptation. Hansem Global became a reputable language service provider with a successful track record of providing localization services to major companies like Unity Technologies Korea.

Unity Technologies Korea earned recognition across various Unity language offices, including Japan, as a case study for their localization strategy. Their ability to meet and exceed the client’s needs led to a long-lasting relationship that continues to this day.


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