Hansem Global’s Game Content Localization for netmarble

Learn how Hansem Global expertly localized netmarble’s gaming content for global markets through the Localization Quality Evaluation (LQE) process. Read our case study on challenges, effective solution, and outstanding outcomes.

Game content translation not only requires accurate translation skills but also familiarity with industry-specific terminology.

Project Summary

In an era that is witnessing a significant rise in the global gaming market, the importance of proper game localization cannot be overstated. As games expand their reach worldwide, ensuring they resonate with local audiences becomes paramount. Enter netmarble, a leading game development and service company active in the international mobile and online gaming sectors. With a global presence, netmarble introduces numerous games to international markets, attracting players from various countries. To maintain its competitive edge and foster player engagement across different regions, netmarble recognizes the critical role of high-quality localization in its global strategy.

Hansem Global plays a crucial role in evaluating the translation quality of multilingual game content for netmarble. Our task involves assessing whether translated texts, including UI elements, items, and character dialogue, are appropriately localized to fit the local context. Additionally, Hansem Global suggests improvements for sentences that require refinement, thereby enhancing the final quality of translations.


Cultural Understanding
Game localization requires a deep understanding of the unique cultural characteristics embedded within each game. Localization specialists must fully grasp the game’s narrative, characters, and cultural nuances to deliver language and expressions that resonate with the target audience. Failure to understand characters’ ages, backgrounds, and speech patterns accurately can lead to mistranslations, deviating from the original intent of the dialogue. 

Maintaining Consistency
Consistency is crucial across various aspects of the game, including dialogue, UI text, skills, character descriptions, and items. Inconsistent translations can confuse users and potentially lead to refund requests.

Characters Localized In French Of netmarble Game

Characters Localized In French Of netmarble Game

Expertise in Game Content Understanding and Translation

While linguistic prowess is essential for translators, firsthand experience playing the game or understanding the societal, cultural, and linguistic background can also significantly impact translation quality. It is imperative to employ skilled translators who are proficient in both the source and target languages.

Our Solutions

Language Quality Evaluation (LQE)
Hansem Global conducts systematic multilingual language quality evaluations to thoroughly assess translated content. Using a format agreed upon with clients, translators and reviewers engage in multiple rounds of feedback to identify and rectify errors such as mistranslations, inconsistencies in terminology, and style guideline deviations. This evaluation categorizes errors into five types—Accuracy, Compliance, Terminology, Language, and Style—and assesses the severity of errors, preventing the recurrence of errors by translators and reviewers in subsequent tasks.

Selection of Specialized Resources in the Field
Game content translation not only requires accurate translation skills but also familiarity with industry-specific terminology obtained through playing the game or having relevant translation experience. Hansem Global possesses a pool of certified game content specialists. To ensure high-quality translations for netmarble, Hansem Global rigorously tests and selects reviewers from this pool and provides guidelines for translation review based on client requirements.

Active Utilization of Glossaries
Glossaries serve as a core tool throughout the translation process and allow translators to maintain consistency. By referencing glossaries, workers consistently translate recurring terms within similar contexts, thereby enhancing the translation quality. Real-time updates to glossaries ensure consistent translations for new content, minimizing confusion among game users.


  • By providing high-quality localized translations that meet customer and gamer expectations, netmarble has successfully launched games targeting a diverse range of countries and languages, resulting in increased revenue in the global market.
  • Hansem Global ensures seamless support for netmarble’s new game launch schedules by facilitating rapid and efficient translation reviews.
  • Furthermore, by delivering fast translations through regular language quality evaluations, Hansem Global provides ongoing content to gamers, reducing the turnaround time for game updates and additional content releases.


With years of accumulated expertise in localization, Hansem Global offers netmarble systematic review services tailored to the gaming industry. This collaboration between Hansem Global and netmarble continues to grow stronger, fostering mutual trust and cooperation.

Proper game localization is not just about transmitting language; it’s about preserving the essence of the game and providing an optimized experience for local users. Hansem Global acknowledges this and proceeds with localization efforts considering political, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. Such attention to detail plays a crucial role in the global market penetration of gaming services.

Hansem Global stands ready to meet the needs of gaming companies aspiring to enter foreign markets by providing diverse language localization services and is expected to expand its role as a successful partner in the global gaming market.