Enhancing Consistency and Reducing Costs in Multilingual Life Science Localization for Invitae

Explore how Hansem Global expertly managed the localization of critical medical documents for Invitae across multiple languages, ensuring both high-quality translations and cost efficiency. Discover their strategic use of translation memory and specialized linguistic teams in this comprehensive case study.


Localization of Medical Product Manuals: A Case Study of Seegene

Learn how Hansem Global expertly localized Seegene’s medical content for the global market. Read our case study on the challenges of this project, the solutions, and the outstanding outcomes.


Linguistic Validation: Screenshot Review in Interface and Linguistic Perspectives

Find out how Hansem Global conducted screenshot reviews. Explore how Hansem Global detects and reviews linguistic errors and interface errors during the screenshot review in the linguistic validation process.

High-Speed, High-Quality Oncology Marketing for RenovoRx

In this case study, we detail Hansem Global's rapid and precise localization of RenovoRx’s oncology marketing materials for diverse Asian markets. Our approach highlights the effective combination of specialized linguistic expertise and advanced technological resources to meet stringent deadlines without compromising quality.