Localization of Medical Product Manuals: A Case Study of Seegene

Learn how Hansem Global expertly localized Seegene’s medical content for the global market. Read our case study on the challenges of this project, the solutions, and the outstanding outcomes.

Specialized medical terminology can be complex and subject to interpretation depending on the context.

Project Summary

Seegene is a South Korean biotech company that specializes in molecular diagnostics, developing and selling genetic analysis services, diagnostic reagents, and devices. With core technologies in multiplex genetic amplification reagents and analysis software, Seegene’s molecular diagnostic products are supplied to over 100 domestic medical institutions and screening centers, and they are exported to 52 countries worldwide.

Hansem Global has provided European and Asian language translation services for more than 20 manuals for diagnostic reagents and medical devices for Seegene, as well as translation services for various types of documents, including product brochures and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).


Inconsistencies in manual content
Although the content across different product manuals might be identical, inconsistent sentences can result in inconsistent translations. This inconsistency can make the manuals difficult to understand, impede correct product usage, and potentially cause safety hazards due to misinterpretation.

Risk of mistranslation related to capacity/numerical values
Medical device/product manuals require accurate translation of numerical values. Mistranslations during the process can lead to issues in research and inappropriate treatment for users, directly impacting patients’ health and safety. Hence, precise translation is crucial.

Domain specific terminology
Specialized medical terminology can be complex and subject to interpretation depending on the context. Translators must adhere to glossaries provided by clients, and correct usage of field-specific terms is particularly crucial. Some terms may need to remain in English, while others should be translated into the target language, which requires collaboration with stakeholders during the process.

Our Solutions

Provision of English manual proofing & review services
Hansem Global provided pre-translation English manual review services to ensure grammar accuracy, sentence simplification, and style consistency. Additionally, English guidelines were provided for the client’s reference so that they could maintain consistency across future manuals.

Selection of translators who have medical expertise
Hansem Global possesses a pool of resources specialized in the medical field and selects those most skilled for translation tasks. This ensures the correct usage of professional terminology in documents, assigning tasks to SMEs with extensive experience and high qualification standards to ensure a smooth review processes.

Strengthening QA settings and active use of glossaries
We enhanced the existing Quality Assurance (QA) system by incorporating detailed criteria into language-specific guidelines during translation reviews to prevent mistranslations for capacity and numerical values. Additionally, we divided glossaries into general glossaries, including Do Not Translate (DNT) terms and UI glossaries, which allows us to actively maintain consistency in professional terminology and enhance the overall translation quality.


  • Hansem Global’s high-quality translation services allow overseas customers and product users to easily understand and use products. This has led to Seegene receiving high reputation in overseas markets and enjoying increased international sales.
  • Hansem Global ensures swift and efficient translation review processes to support Seegene in receiving approval schedules for exporting their products to target countries, allowing Seegene to supply products promptly in overseas markets.
  • By providing clear, accurate translations that meet regulatory requirements in various countries, Hansem Global has helped Seegene maintain and enhance its competitiveness in the global market.


Hansem Global has provided high-quality multilingual translations to Seegene thanks to our years of accumulated localization expertise and specialized resources in the medical field. Our collaboration with Seegene has continued to grow stronger through mutual trust and cooperation. Hansem Global is prepared to meet the needs of pharmaceutical companies seeking localization services in various languages for entering overseas markets, thereby assisting them in providing accurate and readable information to users worldwide. Hansem Global plays a vital role in enhancing the safety and reliability of the pharmaceutical industry and will continue its efforts in this direction.