Linguistic Validation: Screenshot Review in Interface and Linguistic Perspectives

Find out how Hansem Global conducted screenshot reviews. Explore how Hansem Global detects and reviews linguistic errors and interface errors during the screenshot review in the linguistic validation process.

They have a strong understanding of ISPOR guidelines and requirements and have conducted numerous tasks according to these standards.

Project Summary

Screenshot review, also known as layout review, is one of the processes in Linguistic Validation. PRO (Patient Reported Outcomes) refers to documents where patients record their health status or outcomes, which can be recorded using digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. This is referred to as ePRO. Migration is the process of loading locally translated PRO documents onto devices, and after migration, it is necessary to verify that the translated text displayed on the device screen is correctly applied.

In addition to PRO documents, translated texts in patient diaries, quality of life assessment tools (surveys) such as EQ-5D-3L, or in patient apps, can also be subject to screenshot review. In other words, after translating paper documents mentioned above into the local language and migrating translation data to devices or apps, screenshot review becomes essential. Screenshot review involves reviewing interface aspects such as text cropping or font issues, as well as linguistic aspects such as contextual mistranslations or typos that appear on the screen.


Ensuring technical integrity
We first needed to thoroughly check the screenshots for any technical issues such as formatting or text truncation. If there were any instances where text was cut off or formatting errors occurred, it could potentially affect the accuracy of the translation displayed on the device. Therefore, we had to meticulously examine each screenshot without overlooking any details.

Linguistic precision
Second, we also had to conduct a screenshot review from a linguistic perspective. When translating, we extract the text separately and proceed with the translation. After the initial translation, it’s crucial to ensure that the translation displayed on the device screenshots is not only applied correctly but also contextually accurate. Understanding the context is essential to avoid mistranslations, making the linguistic aspect of the screenshot review a significant challenge.

Our Solutions

Quality Assurance Process
During a screenshot review, we proceeded with a detailed process for screenshot review including rigorous quality checks, which were conducted to ensure the accuracy of translations. In our QA steps, we do have a well-organized checklist which contains review items, error criteria and review methods. So, we can detect all interface errors related to layout and formatting, font style and size, alignment and spacing, language display, etc., as well as linguistic errors related to contextual/linguistic/cultural misinterpretations, typos, etc.

Expert Linguistic Teams for Life Science
Hansem Global has experienced linguists who are well-versed in the medical field and the linguistic validation process. They have a strong understanding of ISPOR guidelines and requirements and have conducted numerous tasks according to these standards. Hansem Global’s linguists ensure that the translation is well-contextually, conceptually, and culturally translated.

User-centric review for understanding contextual meaning
This should ideally be checked during the translation/review stages by referencing available materials. However, until the translated content is implemented in the target language, it can be challenging to accurately assess. Therefore, during the Screenshot Review, Hansem Global’s reviewer checks the current translation is contextually correct with the mindset of “I am an actual user of this app.”


Hansem Global’s linguists applied their expertise and utilized a well-organized QA checklist, along with a carefully structured process, to conduct the screenshot review. As a result, the screenshot review was successfully completed without any omissions, meeting the requirements. This case study demonstrates that Hansem Global, with its systematic processes and experienced linguists in the life science field, is well-equipped to meet client’s requirements effectively.