Transforming Documentation: Hyundai Mobis’ Simultaneous Publishing System for Infotainment Manuals

Explore how Hansem Global partnered with Hyundai Mobis to revolutionize infotainment manuals, delivering multilingual, user-friendly documentation optimized for web and print. This case study showcases Hansem’s expertise in automotive technical documentation and their impact on global automotive standards.


Driving Innovation: Hyundai’s Fuel Cell Electric Truck User Manual

Launching Hyundai’s pioneering Xcient FCEV truck, Hansem Global developed an innovative, user-friendly manual that redefines industry standards. This comprehensive guide not only meets international regulations but also enhances user accessibility and understanding, heralding a new era for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


Streamlining Complexity: Hansem Global’s Strategic Reduction of EV Manual Content for Hyundai

Discover how Hansem Global collaborated with Hyundai to transform electric vehicle manuals, reducing complexity while improving usability and compliance. Learn about our innovative solutions that led to significant cost savings and set a new standard in EV manual design.