Driving Innovation: Hyundai’s Fuel Cell Electric Truck User Manual

Launching Hyundai’s pioneering Xcient FCEV truck, Hansem Global developed an innovative, user-friendly manual that redefines industry standards. This comprehensive guide not only meets international regulations but also enhances user accessibility and understanding, heralding a new era for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Strategic use of images and graphic tools was implemented to make critical information, especially safety details, visually distinct and easily comprehensible.

Project Summary

The role and potential of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, encompassing both cars and trucks, are becoming increasingly significant as the automotive industry shifts toward sustainable energy sources. Vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which utilize these cells to operate electric motors, emit only water vapor. This positions them as an environmentally favorable alternative to vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

As a pioneer in this emerging market, Hyundai Motor Company has committed substantial resources to the development of hydrogen technology. It stands as one of the few manufacturers offering commercially available hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, such as the Hyundai Nexo.

In 2021, with the development of the Xcient FCEV truck nearing completion—a vehicle poised to become a leader in the hydrogen electric vehicle sector—Hyundai Motor Company engaged Hansem Global. Recognized as a foremost developer and localizer of user manuals in Korea, Hansem Global was tasked with creating the instruction manual for this groundbreaking hydrogen electric truck


Hyundai Motor Company set forth the following key requirements for Hansem Global in the development of user manuals for their new line of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, aimed at meeting global market standards:

Need for a New Manual Format: Anticipating that the existing manuals might not meet the potential expectations of a global audience, Hyundai proactively tasked Hansem Global with creating a new manual format. This new format should be intuitive and easy to understand for users worldwide.

Comprehensive Compliance: The challenge was to meet diverse user needs and stringent legal regulations. This involved distilling vast amounts of safety information and complex procedures from existing manuals to ensure that all relevant safety and regulatory details were included.

User-Centric Design: There was a clear demand for a manual that was straightforward and user-friendly, designed from the perspective of the end-user.

Our Solutions

Product Learning
The complexity of understanding both the operation of commercial trucks and the new Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) technology increased the difficulty of the task. Hansem Global’s technical communication experts organized various queries and conducted interviews with Hyundai engineers and visited Hyundai’s research facilities to observe and operate the vehicle firsthand, ensuring a deep understanding of the vehicle’s mechanics for accurate documentation.

In-depth Analysis of Existing Manuals
A thorough analysis of existing manuals was carried out. This allowed the team to identify and retain only the essential safety and usage information pertinent to the new truck line, discarding outdated content.

International Standards Compliant Manual
The restructured truck manual adhered to international standards such as IEC 82079 and ISO 3864, creating an organic, user-centric structure. The redesign enhanced information accessibility and readability, applying a concise and easy-to-understand descriptive style. Information was categorized according to international industrial standards and regulations for inclusion in the manual.

Enhanced Readability with Visual Tools
Strategic use of images and graphic tools was implemented to make critical information, especially safety details, visually distinct and easily comprehensible. This not only emphasized safety information but also facilitated a natural flow for the user’s operations in the manual.


In just 3.5 months, Hansem Global successfully developed an English user manual for the Xcient FCEV truck, while also completing the translation into Korean. Hyundai Motor Company expressed satisfaction with the quality of the newly developed manual. Alongside the manual produced by Hansem Global, the first shipment of Hyundai’s new fuel cell commercial vehicles was successfully delivered.

  • Developed an English user manual for the Xcient FCEV truck within 3.5 months
  • Completed translation of the manual into Korean
  • Hyundai Motor Company expressed satisfaction with the manual’s quality
  • Successfully delivered the first shipment of Hyundai’s new fuel cell commercial vehicles

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