Successful Localization of “Lost Eidolons” into Chinese

This case study examines the successful localization of the game "Lost Eidolons," published by Ocean Drive Studio, into Chinese. Hansem Global, a renowned localization company, undertook this challenging project. The case study explores the strategies, challenges, and outcomes of this localization effort.

The localization project was a resounding success. The high accuracy rate minimized post-launch fixes, enabling a smooth launch on multiple consoles.

Project Summary

The primary goal was to deliver a culturally and linguistically tailored version of “Lost Eidolons” for the Chinese market. The project demanded precise adaptation of diverse game elements, including tutorials, quests, items, skills, status updates, and dialogues, each requiring a unique approach to translation to maintain the integrity and depth of the original gameplay.


Cultural Adaptation: Adapting the game’s complex narrative and character dialogues to align with Chinese cultural expectations and idiomatic expressions, ensuring that the localized version preserved the emotional depth and engagement of the original.

Technical Precision: Managing the intricate coding and tagging system integral to the game’s framework to avoid any translation mismatches that could disrupt gameplay or player immersion in the Chinese version.

Consistency in Game Elements: Ensuring uniformity across various game elements such as tutorials, quests, items, skills, and status updates, which required meticulous attention to detail to maintain consistency and coherence in the localized version.

Our Solutions

Advanced Linguistic and Cultural Localization
Hansem Global deployed expert linguists with deep understanding of gaming narratives and Chinese cultural nuances. This team was instrumental in adapting the game’s complex narrative and character dialogues to resonate with Chinese cultural expectations while preserving the original’s emotional depth. Special emphasis was placed on idiomatic expressions and cultural references to enhance player engagement and authenticity.

Robust Technical Framework
Utilizing our state-of-the-art Translation Management System (TMS), we meticulously managed the game’s coding and tagging systems. This technology ensured that all game elements were accurately translated and functionally coherent, preventing any potential gameplay disruptions due to translation errors. Our technical team performed continuous integration tests to ensure that all localized components worked seamlessly within the game’s architecture.

Ensuring Consistency Across Game Elements
Our TMS was crucial in maintaining uniformity across diverse game elements—from tutorials and
quests to skills and status updates. The system tagged each element for specific translation treatments, which were continuously reviewed against a predefined glossary and style guide. This methodical approach ensured that each element was consistent with the game’s overall tone and context.

Rapid Response and Quality Assurance
Our rapid response capability, supported by the TMS, enabled quick implementation of hotfixes and adjustments with a one-day turnaround, crucial for meeting tight launch timelines. Additionally, our Localization Quality Assurance (LQA) processes included multiple rounds of testing and adjustments based on real-time feedback, achieving a 99% accuracy rate in translations, significantly reducing the need for post-launch corrections.

Implementation of Real-Time Collaboration Tools
To facilitate seamless collaboration and instant updates, our team used real-time communication and project management tools, allowing for agile responses and immediate problem-solving throughout the localization process.


The localization project was a resounding success. The high accuracy rate minimized post-launch fixes, enabling a smooth launch on multiple consoles. The nuanced and culturally sensitive translation ensured that “Lost Eidolons” was well-received by the Chinese gaming community.