Elevating Brand Engagement: Hansem Global’s Multimedia Localization for TaylorMade

Explore how Hansem Global's meticulous localization of TaylorMade's YouTube content for the South Korean market heightened brand visibility and engagement. This case study delves into the intricacies of delivering precise, culturally tailored multimedia translations.

The use of specialized golf jargon in pro-golfer tutorials means that only high-fidelity translations will preserve the brand’s credibility and the content’s instructional value.

Project Summary

Since its inception in 1979 with the revolutionary metal wood in Pittsburgh, Persimmon, TaylorMade has been a leader in the golf industry, shaping the game with innovative technology and outstanding performance. In its strategic endeavor to engage the South Korean golf community, TaylorMade Korea launched a YouTube channel to provide valuable content tailored to local tastes and preferences. This initiative was part of TaylorMade’s broader goal to harness digital platforms like YouTube to enhance brand visibility and engagement across different markets, including South Korea.


Diverse Speakers

TaylorMade’s videos often feature multiple golfers interacting simultaneously, which can complicate the voice extraction process necessary for accurate subtitle translations.

Technical Terminology

The use of specialized golf jargon in pro-golfer tutorials means that only high-fidelity translations will preserve the brand’s credibility and the content’s instructional value.

Subtitle Optimization

Given the visual nature of golf instruction videos, maintaining viewer engagement through concise and clear subtitles is critical to prevent viewers from missing key demonstrations.

Our Solutions

Precision Voice Extraction
Utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro, Hansem Global’s engineering team enhanced voice extraction to efficiently handle multiple speakers, ensuring no detail was overlooked. Refined scripts underwent rigorous review by native experts proficient in golf terminology to prepare for localization.

Quality Translation Enhancements
Hansem Global’s translators, with specialized knowledge in golf sport, first drafted the subtitles, which were then meticulously vetted by in-house language specialists. Hansem Global developed and continually updated a golf-specific terminology database to ensure consistency and accuracy across all translations, verified through the advanced localization QA tools.

Customized Subtitle Layouts
Hansem Global worked closely with TaylorMade Korea to establish optimal subtitle length and pacing to enhance readability without distracting from the video content. Before delivery, all subtitles were encoded and visually tested for readability in Adobe Premier Pro.


Adapted Subtitles for Golf Enthusiasts
Hansem Global’s expertise resulted in high-quality, contextually accurate subtitles that significantly improved user engagement and strengthened brand loyalty among Korean golf enthusiasts.

Heightened Viewer Satisfaction
The professional, localized content not only met but exceeded TaylorMade Korea’s expectations, contributing to a visible increase in brand engagement.


This project between Hansem Global and TaylorMade Korea illustrates the power of expert multimedia localization in connecting brands with international audiences. By focusing on high-quality, precise translations tailored to the cultural and linguistic nuances of the Korean market, Hansem Global have set a benchmark for industry best practices in multimedia translation and localization, ensuring ongoing success and stronger market presence.