Website localization by Hansem Global: GoPro

Learn more about what Hansem Global focused on when translating the website content of GoPro, a pioneer in action cameras industry.

Website translation is difficult as it has more complex layouts such as menus, buttons, and headers, translations must be applied according to each contexts.

Project Summary

GoPro is a leading camera company that first invented action cameras to push the limitations of conventional camcorders in capturing dynamic movement. Until now, they are widely known as the most famous action cameras manufacturers, making stable progress in order not to lose their current status in the industry even after the grown popularity of action cameras.

In this process, global market is a major customer base that should not be missed, and professional translation is essential to acquire them. To achieve this ambitious goal, Hansem Global, a professional translation company that acquired the international translation standard ISO17100 for the first time in Asia, has performed this localization project.


Accurate translation based on domain knowledge
Action camera is a type of camera used for highly specific purposes. Therefore, in addition to basic understanding of the camera, the translation project must be done with additional understanding of this specific context. You should also be able to clearly identify and understand various models for action cameras, other products and accessories.

Engaging marketing text
Once GoPro has achieved the grand success, numerous companies also started to develop action cameras, trying to surpass GoPro’s reputation. Although GoPro still maintains its position in the industry, engaging marketing campaigns along with excellent product are essential in order to solidify the current position and continue to grow. And for a global company like GoPro, engaging marketing campaign directly refers to engaging translations.

Our Solutions

Translators with domain expertise
Hansem Global fosters and manages a wide pool of qualified translation resources through their own evaluation system. Therefore, even when projects require deep knowledge of specific industries, it can still maintain its expertise and provide high-quality translation.

Document preview in CAT tool
Website translation is more difficult than common document translations. As it has more complex layouts such as menus, buttons, and headers, translations must be applied according to each contexts. So, Hansem Global used a Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tool called “Smartling” to perform this project. Smartling provides basic translation functions based on sentence-level segmentation, as well as the preview feature that displays the translation applied to the original layout. This allows translators to work easier while checking in real time whether the translations are appropriate for the specific context. It also ensures accurate and natural translations at the same time. And at the end of the process, you can improve the final quality of the translations by reviewing basic errors through the QA feature.

Natural sounding translation through trans-creation process
Translating marketing copies also requires a higher level of concentration than other common translation tasks. Because it is often necessary to create completely new sentences based on the core meaning of the original text, rather than simply following the source. For this reason, a brand new word related to marketing translation was invented, Transcreation, which is a combination of translation and creation. Transcreation is maybe the only field of translations that remains almost exclusively in the hands of human until today, even when machine translation flooding in after the explosive improvement of AI. Therefore, it is required to have a translator who knows both languages at a near-native level and has excellent writing skills. To achieve this goal, Hansem Global goes through three stages: Translation-Revision-Review (TRR). In the first two stages, accurate translation is applied with a focus on accuracy. In the final review stage, transcreation is done through a mono-lingual review to ensure that the final output is appropriate for the marketing field.


With the high-quality Korean website, GoPro successfully attracted and acquired a Korean customer base, establishing a stable marketing foundation that is likely to enhance overall performance through increased customer engagement and brand loyalty. As the use of action cameras has expanded from sports and extreme activities to daily life and art, with new competitors emerging daily, GoPro’s strategy to reach global customers through active marketing campaigns with excellent translation is crucial. Hansem Global, equipped with the expertise and resources necessary to execute this strategy, has proven its value to GoPro through this project, solidifying the partnership between the two companies for future endeavors.