Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Documents for Semiconductor Equipment

Discover how Hansem Global transformed SOP documentation for semiconductor manufacturing, improving searchability, usability, and operational efficiency. Learn about our strategic communication, documentation excellence, and how we adapt to meet specialized industry needs.

Much of their operational know-how was based on tacit knowledge and informal practices, which necessitated extraction and documentation.

Project Summary

The semiconductor industry holds a significant position globally, with South Korea playing a pivotal role. The expansion of the global semiconductor market has propelled the growth of the semiconductor equipment sector. Hansem Global was tasked by SEMES, a semiconductor equipment manufacturer under Samsung Electronics, to create Standardized Operating Procedures (SOPs) for ultra-precision semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


Understanding Semiconductor Industry Specific Terminology and Processes
The project began with understanding the terminology used by on-site technicians, which was essential to accurately document their expertise. Additionally, comprehending the entire semiconductor manufacturing process was crucial to develop effective SOPs that are both practical and relevant to the technicians’ needs. This required extensive research and quick mastery of complex processes, proving to be a challenging task.

Establishing Effective Communication with Subject Matter Experts (SME)
One of the significant challenges in this project stemmed from the lack of systematically established practices among the technicians. Much of their operational know-how was based on tacit knowledge and informal practices, which necessitated extraction and documentation. This project required not only organizing and formalizing the undocumented skills and methods prevalent at the site but also establishing robust communication channels. Engaging continuously with the technicians, who were always on tight schedules, posed a substantial challenge. Finding ways to communicate effectively and gather crucial information from them was both critical and demanding.

Considering Unique Working Environment for Semiconductor Manufacturing
Operating within cleanrooms, semiconductor facilities uphold stringent environmental controls, regulating factors like temperature, humidity, air flow, and pressure. When crafting SOP documents, it was imperative to consider these conditions, ensuring technicians in these specialized environments could easily access instructions with efficiency.

Systematic Documentation
The existing SOPs lacked a standardized format, which made the documentation process inconsistent. Identifying a method to integrate various individual practices into a unified document was essential for maintaining the technical assets of the client.

Our Solutions

Deployed A Dedicated Team for Long-Term Engagement
Hansem Global established a base camp near the client’s site to facilitate daily interactions with the facility. The project team, consisting of technical writers with prior experience in equipment and machinery, was dedicated exclusively to this project.

Strategic Communication and Collaboration
Hansem Global implemented strategic communication and collaboration to facilitate real-time information exchange with on-site technicians, crucial for documenting standard operating procedures (SOPs). Our technical writers consistently engaged with technicians to capture their tacit knowledge and emphasize the importance of documentation for current operations and future training. This approach built trust and fostered a collaborative environment, ensuring the success of the project.

Document Development with User Environment in Mind
Enhancing the searchability of information was a priority, especially since technicians in cleanrooms often wear protective gear and need quick access to details. We improved the SOPs by incorporating high-quality, realistic illustrations that accurately reflect the actual equipment, aiding in rapid understanding and operation. To prevent procedural oversights and improve usability, we extensively used checklists and flowcharts, which help technicians quickly verify steps and visualize the entire process flow at a glance.


The project spanned over two years, during which Hansem Global successfully standardized the SOPs, ensuring they were comprehensive and easy to understand. The client was highly satisfied with the outcomes, which streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.

In the manufacturing industry, developing manuals for a wide variety of products can be a challenging task, and finding a documentation or translation company familiar with every product category is not always feasible. However, as demonstrated in this case, Hansem Global has extensive experience in deploying various solutions to successfully support the market launch of products, even in unfamiliar fields. If you require manual development or translation services for your products, please do not hesitate to contact Hansem Global.