Navigating Global Compliance: The Integral Role of User Manual Translation and Localization Services

Discover the critical role of user manual translation and localization in meeting global regulatory compliance. Learn how Hansem Global leverages expertise and technology to ensure your international product manuals adhere to local regulations.

Hansem Global ensures swift adaptation to regulatory changes by appointing a dedicated officer tasked with updating, distributing, and providing training on the regulatory guides.

Project Summary

When selling products internationally, compliance with local regulatory requirements is imperative. These requirements can vary significantly depending on regional laws, safety regulations, and environmental standards. For instance, products released in the U.S. must meet specific standards such as FCC certification and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) safety requirements. This vital regulatory information must be accurately reflected in user manuals, a task that global tech giants like Samsung Electronics take very seriously.

Samsung, a leading global manufacturer of electronic devices and semiconductors, focuses on innovative technology development and quality management, playing a crucial role in the global electronics market. Since 1990, Samsung has relied on Hansem Global to ensure its user manuals meet each country’s regulatory requirements, reflecting the necessary information in each locale-specific manual.


The main hurdle in crafting user manuals stems from the varied and intricate international regulatory demands. Since there’s no universal template due to diverse legal standards across nations, and with the need to translate manuals into over 50 languages, this becomes a complex endeavor. Complicating matters further, all regulatory stipulations must be seamlessly incorporated into the manuals before product launches, within tight production timelines. Typically, the consolidation of regulatory approvals and information happens near product release, a phase vulnerable to human errors, thus introducing extra risk elements.

Our Solutions

Development of National Regulatory Guidelines
Hansem Global has meticulously analyzed country-specific legal requirements to formulate precise regulatory guidelines. These guidelines serve as valuable resources for workers, aiding in their comprehension and accurate implementation of regulations into user manuals.

Dedicated Regulatory Management Officer
Hansem Global ensures swift adaptation to regulatory changes by appointing a dedicated officer tasked with updating, distributing, and providing training on the regulatory guides. This proactive approach ensures that the guidelines remain up-to-date with the latest requirements.

Systematic Training on Regulatory Compliance
All employees receive systematic training to ensure thorough understanding and accurate application of regulatory issues in the manuals. This standardized training enhances regulatory knowledge across the board and elevates the quality of work.

Implementation of Automated Checker
Hansem Global has created automation tools to improve accuracy and efficiency. These tools reduce the need for manual inspection tasks by automatically integrating checks into the manuals. This helps minimize errors caused by humans, freeing up workers to focus on more complex and creative tasks.

Final Check by Regulatory Compliance Team
Before product launch, Hansem Global’s Quality Control team rigorously reviews the manuals to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, minimizing errors in the final stages and confirming regulatory adherence.


Hansem Global has successfully managed national regulatory requirements with precise knowledge and systematic management. With the support of passionate Hansem Global’s professionals and cutting-edge technology, Hansem Global has minimized human errors using automated verification systems. This approach has enabled timely and successful international product and manual distribution without extending product launch timelines.


Ensuring compliance with local regulations and integrating them into user manuals is crucial for international product and service marketing. As the number of countries and languages grows, the demand for skilled manual development and translation companies also rises. Hansem Global possesses the requisite experience and technology to address these needs effectively. For further details, please reach out to Hansem Global for our User Manual Translation and Localization Services.