Website Localization Services at Hansem Global for SailPoint

Hansem Global specializes in comprehensive website localization services, focusing on enterprise-grade identity and access management solutions. This case study showcases our approach with SailPoint, a leading software company known for its robust security solutions.

Our localization strategy included adaptations such as local date formats, currency notations, and telephone number formats, alongside localized SEO tactics to boost online visibility.

Project Summary

SailPoint delivers trusted solutions tailored to various industries, enhancing regulatory compliance, security, and business processes through centralized access management and automated authentication. SailPoint’s Korean office, aiming to meet global client expectations and enhance market reach in Korea, initiated a comprehensive Asian localization project with Hansem Global in May 2022. This project included developing a professional Korean website and simultaneously improving the existing Japanese website’s quality to target the Asian markets effectively from our headquarters in Korea.


Product Understanding and Expert Translation
Given the complex nature of security and compliance sectors, it’s crucial that the localized content adheres to all regulatory standards without compromising on quality. Mastery of SailPoint’s intricate product functionalities and technical terminologies is essential for precise localization.

Accuracy and Consistency
The content must resonate with the local market and maintain consistency through all updates and modifications to products or solutions. This is vital to ensure the localized website effectively communicates SailPoint’s value proposition.

Our Solutions

Selection of Specialized Resources
We deployed expert linguists fluent in Korean and Japanese, equipped with specific knowledge in software and security terminologies, to deliver accurate and contextually appropriate website translations.

Localization Strategy With SEO
Local cultural insights are critical. Our localization strategy included adaptations such as local date formats, currency notations, and telephone number formats, alongside localized SEO tactics to boost online visibility. Additionally, all privacy policy translations were meticulously aligned with regional legal standards.

Translation Memory Management and Enhanced QA Processes
The Japanese website, needing quality enhancements, underwent a thorough revision through a third-party review to refine terms and phrases. For the Korean site, developed anew, we established a robust Translation Memory (TM) system and glossaries to ensure consistency in ongoing updates. Our rigorous three-step Translation, Revision, and Review process, followed by a comprehensive QA phase, guarantees that each aspect of the website meets Hansem Global’s high standards for quality.


The launch of SailPoint’s professionally localized Korean website significantly increased new user engagement and received positive feedback on quality improvements from the Japanese office, ensuring continuous updates. Utilizing TM leverage has not only reduced ongoing translation costs but also provided flexibility in handling new product updates.


Successful website localization demands an intimate understanding of the target audience’s language and cultural nuances. Hansem Global, with over 30 years of experience and as the first in Asia to achieve the ISO 17100 standard for translation services, excels in delivering high-quality, culturally adapted website localization services in over 70 languages. Our work with SailPoint exemplifies our commitment to reducing security risks and optimizing business processes through tailored localization strategies. We look forward to sustaining our partnership with SailPoint and expanding our multilingual services to meet the evolving needs of global clients.