Effective Localization of Cloud Platforms: Hansem Global’s Work with NAVER

Hansem Global successfully localized NAVER Cloud Platform's website, ensuring technical accuracy, consistency, and adherence to style guides. This collaboration helped NAVER Cloud Platform enhance its global presence and improve brand awareness in the international cloud market.

Without consistency, it’s challenging to enhance user convenience and experience, as well as effectively convey a unified brand message.

Project Summary

With years of accumulated expertise in IT services and infrastructure operations, NAVER, one of the leading cloud service providers in South Korea, offers a variety of cloud services optimized for diverse businesses.

NAVER Cloud Platform Cloud Services

NAVER Cloud Platform Cloud Services

With over 225 high-quality cloud solutions tailored for immediate business applications, NAVER Cloud Platform has established itself as a frontrunner in the domestic cloud industry. Yet, it’s not stopping there; it’s accelerating its expansion into the global market. Currently, NCP offers cloud services in 10 countries and provides localized websites available in English and Japanese, enabling global customers to seamlessly transition to the cloud.

NAVER Cloud Platform Global Regions

NAVER Cloud Platform Global Regions


Technical Accuracy and Linguistic Precision
Effective localization hinges on more than linguistic competence; it requires a deep understanding of the service and the skill to convey it accurately using appropriate terminology in the IT industry. Consequently, linguists undertaking localization tasks should possess the capability to comprehend and accurately translate the functionalities and features of the products/solutions.

Consistency in Terminology and Style
Preserving consistency in terminology and style stands as a cornerstone in website localization. Without consistency, it’s challenging to enhance user convenience and experience, as well as effectively convey a unified brand message. Especially when introducing new products or updating solutions, it’s essential to maintain overall consistency to manage quality effectively.

Our Solutions

Selection of Specialized Linguists in the IT Field
Before initiating the project, we conducted thorough assessments provided by the client to ensure the technical proficiency of our linguists. We deployed a specialized linguist capable of accurately understanding and translating IT-specific terminology and syntax to maintain translation quality.

Consistency in Translation Memory (TM) and Terminology
In the translation process, we translated and revised new translations by referencing completed ones and maintained consistency through our own Translation Memory system. Furthermore, employing a structured Translation-Revision-Review process bolstered the overall quality.

Adherence to the Client’s Style Guide
Hansem Global’s linguists understand the importance of adhering to style guides, as the guides directly reflect our clients’ requirements and expectations. To ensure that we fully capture our client’s needs, we have developed a checklist that is applied to every task, guaranteeing compliance with the provided style guide.


The collaboration with Hansem Global enabled NAVER Cloud Platform to achieve successful global positioning as Korea’s No. 1 cloud service provider. By delivering high-quality website localization, Hansem Global met customer expectations and significantly improved NAVER Cloud Platform’s brand awareness and credibility.
The effective localization in highly specialized domains required a thorough grasp of the target language and culture, alongside the expertise of specialized linguists. This partnership provided users with a consistent brand experience through unified translation styles across the entire website, which played a pivotal role in boosting NAVER Cloud Platform’s brand awareness and solidifying its position in the global cloud market.