HansemEUG Marketing Document Planning Method

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HansemEUG is an industry leader in the fields of user manual production and globalization. We are known for our user manual and globalization services, but many are unaware that we also specialize in product marketing.

For years, we have produced user manuals for mobile, industrial, and home products for domestic and international clients alike. Our experience has allowed us to establish a high quality standard and to develop extensive service knowledge. Our content development team has the ability to create user-friendly information and our design team has the experience and skill necessary to provide expert multi-publishing solutions. Careful collaboration between strategy and design teams is an essential skill required to produce effective marketing materials.

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Who is the reader?

This is a fundamental question because the ultimate goal of user manuals and marketing material is to be read by consumers. Determining the target audience is the first step of the production process. User manuals must be made with the widest possible audience in mind. Therefore, user manuals need to use bottom-up approach in order to convey easy-to-understand information to even the most basic users. On the other hand, marketing materials set detailed targets. Our process for determining the reader is as follows:

  • We mainly create marketing materials focused on an audience willing to purchase a product, but that’s not all.
  • We actually visit the location where our marketing materials will be displayed.
  • We closely examine the customer experience in the location.
  • We analyze the motivations of customers buying the product.
  • We use a Customer Journey Mapping strategy to analyze what customers might experience during the product’s life cycle.
  • We design a persona and use the information as a reference for our design strategies.

What do we deliver?

For user manuals, we know what needs to be included. We can limit the level of content in a user manual, but generally, most of the information has to be in the user manual to explain all of a product’s functions.

However, marketing materials are different. No one pays attention to advertisements for very long. Marketing materials must attract consumers and convey essential information in an instant. Even when clients select the content to be featured in marketing material, it is usually no more than a rough draft. We reselect the important content and organize it in a way that will appeal to potential customers.

How do we deliver it?

Once we determine the audience and what information we will provide, then the question is how to deliver it. This is where copywriting becomes important. Let’s consider a smartphone has a useful camera app that quickly and easily launches a camera app. In a manual, we would normally say: Launching Camera quickly.

For marketing materials, however, we might say: Never miss a moment

The reason for the difference is due to the different nature of the two documents types. User manuals use simple, concise language to explain the main functions of a product. Consumers usually read user manuals to find specific information, so the user manual needs clear titles for easy reference. In addition, user manuals contain important information about safety and warnings that require simple and direct sentences rather than ambiguous or emotional language.

Marketing materials are different. Customers often glance through materials unless they find a reason to read more closely. The goal of marketing materials is to draw a consumer’s attention and to remain in their memory. Unlike user manuals, the marketing materials need short, catchy sentences.

Communication of Information

The main purpose of the marketing documents is to deliver essential information to potential customers about a product or service. Design and copywriting are just two methods. Today IT product features and services are more complicated than ever before, so selecting the most important information and delivering it effectively is important. This is one of HansemEUG’s specialties which has gained us a reputation for making some of the best user manuals on the market.

About Hansem Global

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