Hansem Global CEO’s Commitment to Social Responsibility: Supporting the Local Community through the Red Cross

At Hansem Global, we believe that the growth of the local community directly impacts our company’s development. Our CEO has exemplified this belief by personally committing to social responsibilities and seeking ways to assist those in need through active involvement with the Red Cross.

Gyeonggi Province Relocation: A New Beginning, Deepened Social Responsibility

In 2007, Hansem Global moved its operations from Changwon in Gyeongsangnam-do to Suwon in Gyeonggi Province. This relocation served as a catalyst for us to intensify our efforts in supporting the underprivileged areas and individuals within Gyeonggi Province and Suwon. Since 2011, through a strong partnership with the Gyeonggi Red Cross, we have enhanced our support for the local community, actively participating in aiding vulnerable households, low-income families, and multicultural families.

Inauguration ceremony and Achievement plaque for the contributions during her tenure

Leadership as Vice President of the Red Cross in Gyeonggi Province

Since 2019, the CEO of Hansem Global served as the Vice President of the Gyeonggi Province chapter of the Korean Red Cross, a role held until 2023.

During this period, the focus was on encouraging institutions and corporations within the 31 cities and counties of Gyeonggi Province to support and collaborate with the Red Cross, facilitating active disaster relief and welfare projects throughout the region.

Supporting the Red Cross’s vast network of volunteers as Vice President is also crucial. As of the end of 2023, there are more than 200 volunteer groups in Gyeonggi Province, comprising more than 30,000 members. These volunteers not only respond to major disasters across regions but also regularly assist the disadvantaged and vulnerable within their local areas by engaging in numerous activities, such as delivering meals, providing haircut services, and bath support.

Corporate Social Responsibility at Hansem Global

The engagement with the Red Cross has positively influenced Hansem Global’s employees, many of whom participate in Red Cross activities on a personal level. Over 50 employees have been individually recognized by the Red Cross for their contributions.

Our staff also actively participates in volunteer activities, including delivering coal in winter to vulnerable communities and distributing heatwave relief items during the scorching summers. These activities not only share the joy of volunteering but also positively impact our corporate culture.

Hansem Global Employees Volunteering

Ongoing Commitment: Hansem Global’s Promise

There are many around us who need assistance. Hansem Global remains committed to continuously contributing to the local community and unreservedly supporting the underprivileged.