Social and Volunteer Efforts Warm Hearts as 2019 Draws to a Close

As December draws to a close, Hansem Global embraces the spirit of giving with a day dedicated to warming hearts and homes in our community. Join us as we reflect on a day filled with compassion, teamwork, and the joy of making a meaningful difference.

Warming Hearts and Homes

As we approach the end of December 2019, Hansem Global has chosen to conclude the year on a meaningful note by bringing warmth to the seniors in our community who need it most. Our team decided to focus on a vital necessity—providing charcoal briquettes, which are essential for heating during the winter.

Known locally as “Yeontan,” these briquettes are crafted from coal dust and a binding agent, serving as a historical staple in Korean home heating. Post-Korean War, Yeontan became a popular alternative to firewood, praised for their uniformity and convenience. Today, they are used primarily for both cooking and heating through the traditional Korean “ondol” underfloor system.

Engagement and Effort

With the advent of modern heating technologies, the use of Yeontan has significantly declined, with less than 2% of households, predominantly occupied by the elderly, continuing this tradition. Each briquette weighs about 3 kg and is effective for only a day, posing daily challenges for elderly residents in terms of both procurement and handling.

To ease this burden, Hansem Global committed to purchasing and delivering 1,200 Yeontans directly to the homes of our local seniors. It was a heartfelt endeavor to distribute these essentials without requiring the recipients to bear the weight themselves.

The spirit of giving was palpable among our staff who, despite sacrificing their Saturday morning sleep, were all smiles. Their joy was evident as they passed briquettes down the line, offering encouragement and support to each other throughout the day.

Volunteers fully equipped and ready, sharing a playful moment before starting.

Challenges Along the Way

The logistical challenges were non-trivial, especially when it came to stacking the briquettes in confined spaces. Mr. Kang exemplified dedication as he maneuvered in tight quarters, visibly exerting himself in the effort. Similarly, Ms. Son was tasked with the physically demanding job of lifting and distributing the briquettes at the beginning of the line, a role that required significant physical coordination.

After delivering the first 600 briquettes, our team proceeded to the next location, only 500 meters away. With each step, our movements became more synchronized, and our efficiency increased—the result of teamwork and the communal spirit of the workday.

Volunteers moving towards the next house with improved agility and coordination.
The final stretch of briquette delivery, with visible relief and joy among the volunteers.

A Day of Hard Work and Fulfillment

Upon completing our deliveries, we were greeted by the families who would benefit from these efforts. Their appreciation was deeply gratifying and reinforced the value of our work. The day concluded with a group photo to commemorate our collective contribution.

After completing their task, all volunteers gather for a commemorative group photo.

Starving after the morning’s exertions, we then gathered for a meal, which included delicious Korean dishes such as bulgogi, jeongol, steamed dumplings, and cold noodles. The food was particularly satisfying after a day spent in service to others.

Continued Commitment

This day of volunteerism not only brought warmth to many but also filled the Hansem Global team with a profound sense of accomplishment and joy. It exemplified the consistent love and care we strive to extend to our community. Our commitment to these acts of kindness is unwavering, and we look forward to maintaining this tradition of helping our neighbors.