Effective Localization in Digital Marketing: Hansem Global’s Success with Meta

Discover how Hansem Global, a leader in localization services in Korea, approached and successfully completed the localization of Meta in the field of digital marketing and advertising.

The team worked closely to refine expressions and nuances for cultural appropriateness, analyzing audience preferences and adjusting tone and style to resonate with Korean users.

Project Summary

Since its inception in 2004, Meta has reshaped communication and daily life, connecting billions globally through platforms like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Continuously innovating, Meta now enhances lives with technologies such as the metaverse, AI, and virtual reality. To address the diverse needs of its international audience, Meta tailors its localization to each country’s culture. In Korea, a market known for its digital prowess and tech-savvy consumers, Meta has partnered with Hansam Global to localize its offerings effectively for Korean users.


Adapting Meta’s Message for Korean Audiences
Localizing Meta’s content, including Facebook Stories, Instagram Reels, and Meta Quest, involves navigating significant cultural and linguistic differences between English and Korean. These platforms foster vibrant, interest-based communities driven by hashtags and influencers. The challenge lies in maintaining the essence of these interactions while ensuring the content resonates deeply with Korean audiences. Translating nuances accurately requires a profound understanding of Korean culture and careful selection of engaging expressions.

Understanding Meta’s Platform for Accurate Translation
Meta’s marketing materials detail their unique advertising system, covering campaign structure, targeting, budget settings, and objectives. Effective translation demands thorough comprehension of Meta’s platform and its advertising operations, beyond mere terminology. This involves understanding the context and functionality to convey information clearly in Korean, enabling advertisers to utilize Meta’s features effectively.

Enhancing User Experience Through Translation
Translation extends beyond language replacement; it requires conveying meaning with contextual understanding. Meta’s cutting-edge technologies, like VR and AR, push boundaries beyond traditional 2D screens. To maximize these innovations, translated content and instructions must seamlessly integrate with spatial elements and visual design, enhancing the overall user experience.

Our Solutions

Enhancing Meta’s Cultural Resonance in Korea
Hansem Global selected dedicated translators for the Meta project, emphasizing translation quality through continuous feedback. The team worked closely to refine expressions and nuances for cultural appropriateness, analyzing audience preferences and adjusting tone and style to resonate with Korean users.

Deep Dive into Meta’s Platform for Effective Localization
Hansem Global participated in Meta’s marketing education programs to understand advertising pixels, ad creation techniques, branding strategies, A/B testing, and performance metrics. This knowledge was actively applied to the translation process, ensuring professional and effective results.

Navigating Emerging Technologies with a Multi-Stage Translation Process
Hansem Global ensures high-quality translations for immersive technologies like VR, AR, and the metaverse by understanding their intricacies and optimizing space and visuals. Our process includes Translation, Revision, and Review, verifying compatibility with context to enhance user experience.

Harmonizing Meta’s Brand Guidelines with Service-Specific Tone
Hansem Global adheres to Meta’s brand guidelines while capturing the unique tone of services like Facebook and Instagram. By regularly updating these guidelines and consulting with Meta’s representatives, we ensure consistent, high-quality translations that maintain each platform’s unique character.


Hansem Global has focused on boosting Meta’s brand presence and user engagement in the Korean market by localizing content to reflect customer intent, using advanced technologies, and providing high-quality translations. This approach has allowed us to align closely with Meta’s brand identity and marketing goals tailored for Korea.

Additionally, we’ve enabled advertisers to effectively utilize Meta’s products and services, fostering mutual success for both Meta and Korean advertisers. Through our continuous dedication, Hansem Global has established itself as one of Meta’s leading trusted partners in Korea.