Hansem Global E-Learning Localization Case Study: Meta Blueprint

Discover how Hansem Global, a leader in localization services in Korea, approached the localization of Meta Blueprint, and learn about their approaches and achievements in the field of e-learning localization.

Hansem Global’s internal reviewers learned about the Meta Blueprint platform features and usage, enhancing their comprehension to create accurate translations.

Project Summary

The partnership between Hansem Global and Meta began in 2016, and we translated more than 10 million words since then.

Blueprint is a free online education program offered by Meta to help advertisers, marketing professionals, and business owners effectively utilize Meta’s various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

The Blueprint program provides practical knowledge and skills necessary to enhance advertising performance, including various digital advertising strategies, campaign optimization methods, and tools for measuring and reporting. Users can complete online courses at their own pace and optionally take Blueprint certification exams to officially validate their expertise in digital marketing.

Hansem Global exclusively carried out the localization of Blueprint, approaching e-learning localization through the following methods, given the high difficulty level and customer quality expectations.


  • Participation in Meta’s online education sessions and information acquisition was essential for accurate content comprehension in order to reflect the latest global standards in digital marketing strategy.
  • Compliance with standardized localization processes to meet customers’ high quality expectations, continuous quality reporting to ensure accuracy and consistency, and maintaining the tone and style desired by the customer.

Our Solutions

Actual participation as Blueprint learners
Hansem Global’s internal reviewers learned about the Meta Blueprint platform features and usage, enhancing their comprehension to create accurate translations. Given the rapidly changing nature of digital marketing, they consistently attended online courses to stay current with the latest trends and updates.

Participation in Q&A sessions and utilization of communication channels
Weekly meetings with the client allowed reviewers to hear feedback, and the establishment of communication channels gave them opportunities to make inquiries and gather responses, leading to final decisions aligned with customer guidelines. Active participation from internal reviewers ensured the completion of accurate and consistent translations.

Examples of topics covered during Q&A sessions

Examples of topics covered during Q&A sessions

Post-translation processes (In-context Review) to enhance platform completeness
In addition to translation, Hansem Global refined and reviewed actual platform layouts with Korean translations. They adjusted the styles based on the depth of text, refined sections for smooth context transitions, and made additional edits to provide a final product with a natural flow and high readability.


  • Continuous quality monitoring enabled the delivery of translations that met customer quality standards.
  • Acquisition of digital marketing knowledge helped users expand their businesses online.
  • Growth as experts in e-learning localization led reviewers to pursue new projects, solidifying their position in the industry’s e-learning localization field.


E-learning localization is crucial for securing competitiveness in the global market. Successful localization enhances the user experience, maximizes educational effectiveness, and allows for market expansion. Hansem Global, as a primary participant in Meta Blueprint localization, has contributed to delivering valuable information to many individuals requiring education related to digital marketing. With Hansem Global’s e-learning localization services, join us for the next stage of digital marketing.