How Hansem Global Helped EHS Insight with Software localization

Discover what Hansem Global focused on in localizing the software developed by EHS Insight, an industrial management engineering company. Learn about the challenges, innovative solutions, and outstanding outcomes.

By updating the TB in real-time, we can assure consistency not only in the actual project we are working on but also in future requests by the same client.

Project Summary

EHS Insight, an industrial management engineering company with 12 years of experience and over 500,000 customers, has established itself as a rising power in the industry with a remarkable 98 percent customer retention rate. EHS Insight automates safety, risk, and compliance processes, reducing the cost, resources, and effort required to effectively manage audits, incidents, training, and more.

For the localization of its software in the Korean market, Hansem Global undertook the task of adapting the software to meet the linguistic, cultural, and regulatory requirements of the Korean market. By overcoming various challenges with innovative solutions, Hansem Global ensured a successful localization effort. This enabled EHS Insight to effectively serve its Korean customers, further solidifying its global presence and enhancing user experience.


  • Understanding the function of every software element is crucial for localization to prevent user confusion or misuse.
  • To maximize the quality output, we must use the client’s demo app throughout the localization project.
  • Ensuring consistency in translation across interfaces with the same purpose is challenging but essential for maintaining software quality.
  • Inconsistent translations may lead to user doubt about software quality and can damage the reputation of the service provider.

    EHS Insight's site management software (demo version)

    EHS Insight’s site management software (demo version)

Our Solutions

Maximize term-level accuracy and consistency
Like other CAT tools, memoQ has its own Translation Memory (TM) and Term Base (TB) features. Linguists can accurately translate each term by referring to the TB initially provided by the client.

memoQ's dashboard with TM and TB on the right

memoQ’s dashboard with TM and TB on the right

Furthermore, we can also add new terms as needed. By updating the TB in real-time, we can assure consistency not only in the actual project we are working on but also in future requests by the same client.

Adding a new term pair

Adding a new term pair

Concordance search
The Concordance feature can help improve the overall sentence-level accuracy. If certain phrases or styles are repeatedly shown, we can group them as a single cluster and search them in the Concordance field. Then memoQ will show us a group of sentences with common phrases and structure.

Concordance search window

Concordance search window

Communicating with the client
Even if we keep trying to make the best use of the demo, along with various features of CAT tools, we may face undesired obstacles. It may be challenging to locate a particular segment in the demo, or even if we do, it may still be confusing to determine its best translation. Such a situation can occur when it is hard to grasp the context or fully understand the feature.

Q&A exchange between EHS Insight and the linguist

Q&A exchange between EHS Insight and the linguist

As an action item, clients will offer a space for active discussion. For example, we can share a spreadsheet to leave queries and receive answers. Therefore, smooth communication with the client is another effective means for optimal translation, along with skillful use of CAT tools.


We translated each interface item’s features intuitively by using the demo and fully leveraging all available features within memoQ. During the final stage before delivery, we cross-checked all queries submitted by Hansem Global and other vendors working in eleven different languages, along with EHS Insight’s responses. We identified and resolved dormant issues that were difficult to detect within memoQ, optimizing the quality to the maximum extent.

Through this project, Hansem Global enhanced its expertise in industrial management engineering and CAT tools. Additionally, we demonstrated our proficiency in soft skills by actively exchanging queries with EHS Insight. These achievements provide a solid foundation for successfully undertaking future projects with even more complex challenges.