How Hansem Global Helped with Localizing Snapchat App

Check out how Hansem Global approached localizing the app Snapchat, a strong player in AR (Augmented Reality) content, to suit the Korean market.

Since text length can vary depending on the language, when translated into Korean, additional space for buttons or label areas may be required due to spacing, line breaks, and font size.

Project Summary

Snapchat is a social media platform launched in North America in 2011 that primarily shares photos and videos and is popular among young people in their teens and twenties. A key feature is the instant messaging system where photos or videos (referred to as snaps) sent by users automatically delete after a few seconds, allowing users to communicate temporarily and immediately, and to exchange visual conversations more freely.

When localizing an app, various factors must be considered that require efforts beyond simply translating texts into another language. This includes linguistic, cultural, technical, and user experience elements. Hansem Global has approached app localization by understanding these elements.


  • Considering Cultural Differences
    The primary goal of software localization is to enable users from different languages and cultures to use products conveniently in accordance with their own linguistic and cultural norms. When translating phrases from English, it is essential to use expressions that align with Korean culture, including trendy neologisms, slang, and buzzwords used by the target age group. Additionally, it is crucial to consider how images, colors, symbols, and humor are perceived in Korean culture, ensuring that content is appropriate and not misleading.
  • Adapting Interface and Layout
    Text length can vary depending on the language, and Korean translations often require additional space for buttons or label areas due to spacing, line breaks, and font size. In UI design, spatial constraints necessitate choosing intuitive and contextually appropriate terminology to fit the design requirements.

Our Solutions

  • Familiarizing with the Client Product
    Hansem Global’s in-house linguists and operational team familiarized themselves with the Snapchat app by downloading and using it. This hands-on experience allowed them to understand the app’s style and ambiance, enabling them to choose appropriate terminology and expressions for the translation. By becoming Snapchat users themselves, they ensured the Korean translations were accurate and resonated with local users.
  • UI/UX Adaptation and Screenshot Review
    To tackle interface and layout challenges, Hansem Global focused on optimizing space for Korean text, ensuring intuitive and contextually appropriate terminology, and maintaining the visual integrity of the app. Following initial translation and review, linguistic errors were minimized through the Screenshot LQA round. This final inspection ensured that Korean translations were accurately positioned within the app, consistently used throughout the app, and free of typos or truncated characters.


By providing flawless app/UI translations, Hansem Global has enhanced usability for domestic users, enabling free communication on platforms like Snapchat and other social media. This has broadened our experience in app UI localization and solidified our position in the field. Leveraging our expertise, we continue to uphold our reputation as a leading localization company in the global market, differentiating Snapchat through its unique visual communication features and supporting its influence in the Korean market.