Overcoming Retail E-Commerce Localization Challenges: How Hansem Global Supported Alibaba

Hansem Global successfully managed a complex translation project for Alibaba's e-commerce sector, addressing significant challenges like machine-translated content and multilingual source texts.

Hansem Vietnam achieved an impressive accuracy rate of 98.5% in the final product deliverables.

Project Summary

E-commerce platforms in Vietnam are experiencing rapid growth. The scale of Vietnam’s e-commerce market is projected to increase significantly, with an average growth rate of 29% from 2020 to 2025, reaching an estimated $52 billion by 2025.

Alibaba, a leading Chinese commerce company, prioritized high translation quality for its Vietnamese platform. Hansem Vietnam rose to the occasion, overcoming numerous obstacles to deliver translation exceeding the Alibaba’s quality standard.

Despite encountering machine-translated content and texts in multiple languages, Hansem Vietnam ensured accurate and culturally relevant translations. Our team achieved this through intensive training, consistent communication, and the use of advanced quality assurance tools, ultimately meeting and exceeding client expectations.


The project presented several unique challenges:

  • The source material was translated from Chinese to English via machine translation, resulting in non-standard English and numerous inaccuracies.
  • Our translation scope extended beyond mere machine translation post-editing (MTPE), requiring the creation of culturally adapted product names and terms for the Vietnamese market.
  • Some source texts included multiple languages, necessitating extensive research for accurate translation.
  • The quality requirement (LQI) must be higher than 98%.

Our Solutions

To tackle these challenges, Hansem Vietnam implemented strategic solutions:

  • Revamping guidelines
    We established stringent guidelines in consultation with our clients to ensure clarity and applicability for the translators.
  • Thorough product research
    Our approach included studying, comparing, and reviewing data to refine the translation of product names and terms, offering suggestions to manage complex source materials effectively.
  • Comprehensive trainings
    We conducted comprehensive training sessions to ensure all translators were well-versed in the project requirements.
  • Close communication
    We maintained continuous communication among translators to ensure consistency and adherence to guidelines.
  • Implementing translation specific QA tools
    We utilized advanced QA tools, including the client’s own tools, QA Checker, and Xbench, to minimize errors. Additionally, we implemented rigorous quality assurance processes, including multiple review stages and a structured correction mechanism.


Successful translation and localization in the retail e-commerce sector require more than simple term replacement; it involves adapting content to resonate with local culture and consumer behavior.

Despite the challenges, Hansem Vietnam excelled in navigating Alibaba’s Sale & Retail e-commerce landscape through persistent effort, effective communication, and strict quality control. Our commitment to fulfilling demanding customer requirements led to high-quality translations and client satisfaction, reaffirming our leadership in the industry.

  • Hansem Vietnam achieved an impressive accuracy rate of 98.5% in the final product deliverables.
  • Our team received a recommendation from the client, reflecting their satisfaction with our translation quality.