Software and UI Localization Services at Hansem Global for McAfee

At Hansem Global, we manage a vast array of software and UI localization projects, translating over 20 million words annually, including 5 million from English to Korean. This case study highlights our specialized software and UI localization services, particularly our collaborative work with McAfee—a globally recognized leader in security software and hardware.

Localizing software and UI presents unique challenges. It demands precise synchronization of terms, expressions, and styles throughout extensive product ranges.

Project Summary

McAfee’s products are acclaimed worldwide, necessitating meticulous localization to cater to diverse global needs, especially in the Korean market. This initiative involves translating software interfaces and user instructions to enhance clarity and usability across various languages and cultural landscapes.


Consistency in Localization
Localizing software and UI presents unique challenges. It demands precise synchronization of terms, expressions, and styles throughout extensive product ranges. Minor discrepancies in terminology could cause significant complications, contrasting with marketing content where slight variations can still be contextually accurate. Achieving consistency across different translators and project stages is crucial.

Limitations of Manual Review and Security Concerns
Despite having a thorough glossary, the emergence of new terms and pressured deadlines can introduce inconsistencies. Our adherence to ISO17100 standards ensures rigorous verification by translators and revisers. However, manually managing such a large content volume has its limitations, and maintaining robust security measures across numerous contributors is vital, given the confidential nature of security software.

Our Solutions

Integration of CAT Tools with Glossaries
Our CAT tools are designed to integrate seamlessly with glossaries, allowing translators and revisers direct access to essential terms. This integration significantly mitigates discrepancies.

Automated Quality Assurance Tools
We utilize tools like QA Distiller for consistency checks. These tools are invaluable in detecting mismatches that might elude manual review, thus ensuring greater accuracy and reducing errors in high-volume projects.

Security Protocols
Keeping client data secure is imperative. Hansem Global adheres to stringent security protocols certified under ISO 27001 standards, ensuring comprehensive protection of sensitive software data against potential leaks.


Our rigorous localization process has markedly decreased discrepancies in style, expression, and terminology, thereby maintaining high-quality results within stringent deadlines.

Our partnership has accelerated the deployment of McAfee’s security solutions and fostered stronger industry relationships.

For nearly two decades, our collaboration has refined our inspection techniques and security measures, boosting our reputation and facilitating further partnerships with IT security giants like Symantec, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender.


For nearly 20 years, Hansem Global has worked with McAfee to provide a variety of products and services aimed at protecting computers from viruses and enhancing internet security. This collaboration has helped Hansem overcome the limitations of manual inspection through mechanical verification, maintain rigorous security measures, and build a foundation of trust with its clients. As machine translation becomes the trend, Hansem is also preparing to lead in the MTPE (Machine Translation Post-Editing) sector, reinforcing its position as a top localization company in Korea.