Enhancing Quality Services by Strengthening Data Science Capabilities

Hansem Global provides excellent translation services by assembling a team of dedicated professionals with expertise in IT and data science. By leveraging our expertise in data analytics, we aim to meet the diverse needs of leading global companies and provide high-quality results using cutting-edge technology and a data-driven approach.

Strengthening Partnerships

Through more than a decade of collaboration with global data science client S Corp, Hansem Global has demonstrated our exceptional data localization and visualization capabilities. S Corp specializes in providing data analysis and visualization solutions worldwide by collecting and analyzing various forms of data across IT infrastructure, security, operations, and business intelligence to enhance visibility and support decision-making.

Required Expertise in Data Science Localization

The expertise required for Korean localization in the field of data science includes not only an understanding of technical terminology but also background knowledge related to data analysis. This includes:

  • Understanding of Technical Terminology: To provide accurate and appropriate human-powered translations when localizing data science content containing technical terms and concepts, it’s essential for professionals to have a foundational understanding of specialized terminology used in the field, as well as IT and security terminology commonly used by software developers.
  • Background Knowledge of the Field: S Corp provides a platform for data analysis and monitoring. To localize such content effectively, translators and reviewers need to possess not only a basic knowledge of the data but also a broader understanding of various data types and analysis techniques. Since S Corp’s products are widely used in corporate IT infrastructure, security, and operational departments globally, it’s crucial for translators to comprehend enterprise environments, related terminology, and processes, and reflect them accurately in translations.
  • Visualization/User Experience Knowledge: S Corp offers features to visualize data, which allows users to understand and utilize data easily. Therefore, translators and reviewers need to consider visual elements and user experience while performing human translation and review tasks.
  • Specialization and Quality Management: The field of data science demands high accuracy and consistency. By implementing rigorous quality management procedures, translators and reviewers can ensure the delivery of accurate and consistent translations, enhancing customer trust.

Based on this expertise, accurate and effective localization should be performed to ensure that end-users can easily understand and use the product, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Strengths of Hansem Global

Drawing on our localization capabilities in the field of data science, Hansem Global showcases exceptional expertise, including:

  • Client Collaboration and Technical Education
    Hansem Global deepens its understanding of the data analysis field through client partnerships. By participating in live conferences with clients, we receive technical education and gain insights into the latest trends and use cases, ensuring a thorough understanding of solutions and successful localization operations.
  • Extensive Experience in Localization
    With our experience localizing approximately 3 million words into Korean for S Corp since 2014, Hansem Global has expanded its expertise and market influence through partnerships with leading global data analysis companies.
  • Rigorous Quality Management and Consistency
    Data science requires high accuracy and consistency. Hansem Global maintains strict quality management procedures, ensuring accurate terminology usage, maintaining consistent translation styles, and improving the quality of final translations in order to gain customer trust. Hansem Global demonstrates its capability as a reliable localization partner by participating in activities such as building client glossaries and creating Korean localization style guides.

Hansem Global’s Future: Technological Innovation and Global Trends

With the rapid growth of data science and AI technology, global companies are increasingly producing data science-related content, leading to an increase in the demand for translation services in the IT/data science industry. Hansem Global is actively adopting machine translation and natural language processing technologies to enhance our efficiency and productivity, thus contributing to global innovation in the data science field.