Exploring the Power of Hansem Global’s Creative Marketing Design

Discover how Hansem Global’s retail marketing support materials can transform your sales strategy. With over 30 years of experience in developing engaging educational resources, compelling designs, and multilingual content, Hansem Global equips businesses worldwide to expand their market reach and boost sales effectiveness.

What are Sales Support Materials?

Ever marveled at how effortlessly retail staff can articulate the details of a product? Their secret is preparation. These professionals dedicate more time to studying their products than the average consumer, delving into features, advantages, and comparisons with previous models and competitors. This comprehensive understanding enables them to address a wide array of customer inquiries effectively.

Recognizing the value of well-informed sales teams, leading companies around the world utilize a variety of sales support materials. These resources, which range from detailed sales guides to immersive learning materials and engaging videos, are crucial for showcasing new products and educating staff. While domestic training may be conducted face-to-face, international training demands these enriched and versatile support materials to bridge geographical and cultural gaps.

What’s Included in Sales Support Materials?

  • Learning resources for salespeople about new products.
  • Interactive materials for consumer engagement with new products.
  • Promotional tools including banners, informative videos, and brochures.
  • Various other aids to streamline the sales process.

Content of Sales Support Materials

Essential elements of effective sales support materials include:

  • Comprehensive introductions to new products that underscore unique and competitive features.
  • Detailed instructions on product usage, catering to the curiosity of potential customers and simplifying complex features to enhance their appeal.

Skills Needed to Create Effective Sales Support Materials

  • Deep knowledge of new products’ main features and functionalities.
  • Proficient copywriting and technical writing skills to clearly communicate across different mediums, accompanied by straightforward usage instructions.
  • Advanced design skills to produce visually appealing and informative materials.
  • Multilingual translation expertise to cater to various regional markets.

Why Hansem Global Excels

Hansem Global boasts a robust team of creative writers enriched with over 30 years of experience in user manual development and a nuanced understanding of consumer electronics. This deep product knowledge and consumer insight position them uniquely in the industry.

A talented design team complements this expertise by creating visually striking and effective materials.

Exceptional localization capabilities ensure materials are culturally and linguistically adapted for global markets.


Since 2019, Hansem Global has been a pivotal resource for global manufacturers in Korea, developing sales and marketing support materials that resonate across diverse markets. Interested in seeing what Hansem Global can do? Check out our 2023 Marketing Showreel Video below.

[2023 Marketing Showreel]

When aiming to expand market share or increase sales, leveraging well-crafted sales marketing support materials is key. Hansem Global is adept at producing these resources and providing essential multilingual translations. For unparalleled support, contact Hansem Global’s CMD team.