Getting Ready for Global Expansion: Which Translation Company to Choose?

Expanding into the global market presents numerous opportunities for many companies, but effective communication strategies are essential for success. Accurate and effective translation of documents and websites plays a vital role in operating successful businesses in overseas markets. What should you consider when selecting a translation company? Below, we introduce key factors to consider when choosing a translation agency for global expansion.

1. Expertise and Experience

Translation goes beyond simple language conversion—it requires a deep understanding and experience in specific industries. This ensures that technical nuances and industry-specific terminology are accurately conveyed, which is crucial for effective communication and market success.

Hansem Global has been partnering with Korean global manufacturers for 34 years, specializing in manual development and localization. We possess diverse production experience and expertise in various industries such as IT & Technology, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Life Science, Game & Entertainment, and Education. Our commitment to quality and security is demonstrated by our international certifications, including ISO 17100, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 18587.

Furthermore, Hansem Global is recognized as one of the Global Top 100 Language Service Providers by CSA Research, Nimdzi, and Slator. This recognition underscores our status as a globally recognized and trusted language company, providing unparalleled expertise and experience to our clients.

2. Language and Cultural Competence

Understanding not only the language but also the culture of the target country is crucial for successful global market expansion. Effective translation requires cultural nuance and context to ensure that the message resonates with the local audience, avoiding misinterpretations and fostering better engagement.

Hansem Global maintains a team of numerous language specialists proficient in more than 80 languages and dialects, ensuring natural and market-appropriate translations. Our Hansem Global Language Network (HGLN) includes experts with specialized experience in fields such as healthcare, marketing, and gaming. These professionals bring their industry-specific knowledge to deliver precise and culturally relevant translations.

3. Quality Management System

A systematic quality management process is vital in determining translation quality. Hansem Global was the first company in Asia to obtain the ISO 9001 quality management standard for manual development and translation services. ISO 9001 ensures consistency in meeting customer and other international standard requirements. This certification guarantees that our services meet internationally recognized standards, emphasizing accuracy and consistency, which are crucial in manual development and translation.

4. Utilization of Latest Technology

To enhance translation quality and efficiency, leveraging cutting-edge technology is essential. Advanced tools and platforms streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve consistency, ensuring high-quality translations that meet market demands.

At Hansem Global, we integrate the latest AI translation technology into our workflow. Our innovative processes include AI-supported voiceovers, subtitles, transcription services, adaptive machine translation, generative AI translation services, and advanced localization platforms. By utilizing these technologies, we can significantly reduce production time and costs while maintaining high standards through professional human translators.

Additionally, our innovative localization platform simplifies workflows, allowing seamless collaboration among clients, project managers, document engineers, translators, and reviewers on a single platform. This integration greatly enhances efficiency and ensures consistent, high-quality translations, setting Hansem Global apart as a leader in the translation industry.

5. Customer Support

For global market expansion, close collaboration with a translation partner is crucial. Clients often lack experience or knowledge in the language market, making it necessary for the translation provider to identify and address hidden needs beyond the provided materials. Continuous support and close management play a significant role in understanding and fulfilling these customer needs.

Hansem Global differentiates itself by operating dedicated teams for major clients such as Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Mobis, Naver, Hyundai Motor Company, Udacity, Unity Korea, and Facebook.

These teams ensure seamless communication and swift responses to client requirements, providing personalized and effective support throughout the translation process.


Success in the global market requires more than just superior products or services—it requires effective partners to overcome cultural differences and language barriers. Hansem Global, with its proven expertise and experience, strongly supports Korean companies in their global market entry. If you want to gain a competitive edge on the global stage, consider partnering with a reliable company like Hansem Global.