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In June 2007, Apple revolutionized the tech industry with the launch of the iPhone, sparking the mobile computing era. This pivotal moment opened doors to handheld internet accessibility, setting the stage for other industry giants like Samsung Electronics to enter the market. As a trusted partner of Samsung, Hansem Global played a crucial role in meeting the evolving demands of smartphone users through comprehensive manual solutions.

Meeting Smartphone User’s Needs

The surge in smartphone adoption brought challenges for new users, resulting in a flurry of inquiries at customer service centers. Recognizing this, Samsung sought comprehensive manual solutions, spanning both print and web platforms. Hansem Global stepped up, initiating web manual development in 2011, ahead of widespread adoption of the One-Source Multi-Use (OSMU) method.

Challenges of Implementing One-Source-Multi-Use (OSMU) Solution

While OSMU promised streamlined manual production, its adoption posed significant hurdles. Managing content complexity and cost, technical requirements, and meeting diverse market needs emerged as key challenges. Companies struggled to maintain consistency across formats and languages while managing the expense of Content Management Systems (CMS) and technical training.

High Cost and Complexity of Content Management:

  • Maintaining consistency across multiple formats and languages proved difficult and costly.
  • Implementing a rigid authoring structure posed significant challenges for technical writers.
  • The substantial expense of purchasing and setting up CMS for content management often placed a heavy financial burden on companies.

Technical Requirements:

  • Effective OSMU implementation requires the proper technical infrastructure and training for workers to adapt to new solutions and programs.

Meeting Diverse Market Needs:

  • Catering to various devices and formats while meeting market demands in a timely and cost-effective manner was challenging.
  • Implementing changes like altering the User Interface and adding new search functions to the web manual of a new product presents difficulties within a pre-established CMS framework with a rigid authoring structure.
  • Adapting the UI to match consumer preferences becomes challenging, especially when facing constraints on release timing.

TransEZ – Hansem Global’s One-Source-Multi-Use (OSMU) Solution

To address these challenges, Hansem Global developed TransEZ, a proprietary OSMU system tailored for efficient manual production. TransEZ streamlines conversion and template management by converting Adobe InDesign files into HTML and applying customizable templates based on product specifications, OS, and language.

Key Features of TransEZ

  1. Automatic Template Application: HTML templates are automatically applied based on product specifications, enhancing efficiency. Additionally, the system includes a search engine and tag functions for user-friendly navigation.
  2. User-Friendly Environment: Technical writers can use familiar tools like InDesign, reducing training time and infrastructure costs.
  3. Error Detection: TransEZ includes logic to prevent human errors and a multilingual UI Terminology matching system to ensure content consistency.
  4. Significant Reduction in Production Time: TransEZ drastically reduces production time, enabling timely global launches of manuals across nearly 50 countries.

Benefits of TransEZ

Hansem Global’s TransEZ not only meets clients’ complex needs but also enhances user experience and improves digital asset management for manufacturers. This innovative approach strengthens brand value and fosters long-term partnerships with clients, positioning Hansem Global as a leader in streamlined manual solutions.

Hansem Global’s Commitment

As smartphone technology continues to evolve, Hansem Global remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that address the dynamic needs of the industry. With TransEZ, we empower our clients to navigate the complexities of manual production efficiently, ensuring a seamless user experience and driving success in global markets.

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