ISO18587 Translation Services – Post-editing of Machine Translation Output & Hansem Global’s Differentiators

With the acceleration of digitalization and technological advancement, machine translation (MT) is widely used, but machine translation alone cannot guarantee sufficient quality. Therefore, machine translation post-editing (MTPE) plays an important role. ISO 18587 is an international standard for machine translation post-editing, and Hanem Global was recognized as a leader in this field when it became the first company in Korea to obtain this standard in 2011. This article highlights the importance of ISO 18587 and Hansem Global’s competitiveness in this area.

International Standard ISO18587

ISO 18587 is an international standard for translation services that involve both machine translation and human translation. It defines the process of post-editing machine translation outputs, integrating machine translation systems (MT) with human translators (HT). ISO 18587 consists of two main parts:

  • Requirements for translation service providers
    This part covers the requirements for ensuring the quality of services provided by translation service providers. It includes processes related to project management, translation tasks, editing and proofreading, and final review of deliverables.
  • Evaluation of translation service providers and translation processes
    This part provides guidelines for evaluating the capabilities of translation service providers and the efficiency of translation processes. This enables customers to select appropriate translation service providers and ensure the quality of their projects. This standard enhances the efficiency and consistency of translation services and improves translation quality

International Standard ISO18587 and Translation Quality

Today, machine translation technology continues to advance, with generative AI being increasingly utilized, allowing machine translation to be applied in various industries. However, machine translation alone cannot guarantee flawless translation, especially for documents where accuracy is crucial, such as technical documents, legal documents, and medical records.

Documents translated using automated technology must undergo final review by human translators who are subject matter experts. ISO 18587 defines how such reviews should be conducted. By adhering to the standard’s procedures, translation service providers can maintain the quality and consistency of their services, providing clients with reliable services while saving time and costs.

Human translators reviewing machine-translated documents

International Standard ISO18587 and Hansem Global

Hansem Global, which had previously obtained the international translation standard ISO 17100 certification as the first in Asia, once again challenged the ‘Machine Translation Post-Editing International Translation Standard ISO 18587:2017’ certification as the first domestic company on April 29, 2020. Anticipating an increase in demand for machine translation in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Hansem Global obtained certification for ‘ISO 18587:2017’ – an international translation standard for MTPE (Machine Translation Post-Editing), which was a new service area at the time.

As it was challenging to commercialize machine translation (MT) outputs directly, machine translation post-editing (MTPE) performed by actual language experts, called post-editors, was necessary to enhance the quality of MT outputs. Hansem Global’s language experts and project managers aligned with the trend of collaboration between machines and humans. In 2017, they completed the MTPE course conducted by the Translation Automation User Society (TAUS) and obtained the MTPE certification issued by TAUS.

MTPE certifications issued by TAUS

Not content with just that, on April 29, 2020, Hansem Global embarked on the assessment for the ‘ISO 18587:2017’ certification. Despite being the initial certification assessment, due to the COVID-19 pandemic at the time, the assessment was conducted remotely rather than through on-site assessment by certification organization assessors.

ISO18587 certification audit scene and certificate


The combination of machine translation and human expertise in MTPE services is indispensable in modern global communication. Hansem Global provides this service in accordance with international standards through ISO 18587 certification, making them a trusted partner in the translation industry. If you seek accurate and efficient translation services in the global market, consider partnering with Hansem Global.