Transforming B2C Sales Training with Gamification

In the past, manufacturers might have relied on their best salespeople to sell anything. But now, it’s important to train your sales team on new products.

Why? Because salespeople talk directly to customers. They need to be able to explain new products clearly, show how to use them, and highlight the benefits. This gets customers excited and helps manufacturers reach their sales goals.

We’re experts at turning confusing product info into clear and engaging training materials. We understand how customers think, so we can craft messages that resonate with them. This makes our training programs a perfect fit for manufacturers who want their sales teams to shine.

We don’t just meet expectations, we go beyond. We use our unique skills to create training that boosts sales team performance, leading to more sales for our clients.

Understanding Your Needs: Bite-Sized Training for Gen Z Salespeople

At Hansem Global, our Creative Marketing Design (CMD) team starts developing sales training content by getting to know your business and your specific needs.

While comprehensive training is important, today’s Gen Z salespeople prefer information in short, easy-to-digest chunks.

This is why we focus on creating bite-sized content that targets specific features.

Through close collaboration with you, we’ll uncover your intricate needs and tailor the training content accordingly. This ensures your Gen Z sales team has the information they need, delivered in a format they prefer.

Planning & Designing Project Content

Making Learning Engaging: Planning & Design
The key to successful sales training is keeping salespeople engaged. After all, they need to captivate customers with their presentations!

Engaging Doesn’t Mean Boring
At Hansem Global, we go beyond just listing features and explanations. Our Creative Marketing Design (CMD) team prioritizes the essential information salespeople need and organizes it logically for easy learning.

Clear Structure, Memorable Delivery
We break down the content into sections with captivating titles and subheadings that make a lasting impression. This clear structure ensures salespeople can easily access the information they need.

Collaboration is Key
Our content planners work hand-in-hand with graphic and motion-graphic designers to bring these plans to life. Planners map out how each section should be visually represented, providing clear references for the designers. This collaboration ensures the final product combines Hansem Global’s top-notch CG quality and editing skills, resulting in vibrant and engaging training content.

Gaming Snap Card

A standout challenge of this project was developing new sales training content for an upcoming smartphone release, emphasizing its gaming features. Unlike previous Sales Training Content, the request was to cater specifically to Gen Z‘s tastes with a gamification approach. This new challenge led us to focus on ‘gamifying’ all content components, considering the predominance of mobile gaming among Gen Z and their active engagement with content that resonates with their interests. Despite the difficulty of this novel approach, the outcomes were remarkable, incorporating gaming elements throughout the content in an innovative way.

1. Title & Cover Design

Transforming the initial bland data from our client into an engaging narrative, we designed the title and cover to immerse readers in a gaming experience, enhancing the gaming theme’s visibility and appeal.

2. Gamification of Data

Visualizing raw data in an engaging manner is a universal challenge in content development. This was especially true for our project, where the transformation of standard charts and graphs into gaming-themed visuals was paramount. For instance, we depicted market trend data indicating that “86% of Gen Z engage in mobile gaming” using virtual avatars of Gen Z players, making it appear as if they are participating in the game alongside you.

3. Using Game Interfaces for Information Delivery

To convey the technical specifications necessary for high-performance mobile gaming—such as display resolution, chipset power, and battery life—we employed game interface metaphors. For example, we represented upgraded features with “+” signs to indicate boosted stats, and cooling functions with ice symbols, making the information engaging and relatable through gaming elements.

Ready to transform your sales training?

Our engaging, bite-sized content, designed specifically for Gen Z learners, will equip your sales team with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Contact us today to discuss how Hansem Global’s tailored training solutions can elevate your sales performance and drive results.