Localizing Educational Content for Samsung Multicampus

Discover how Hansem Global's specialized solutions are revolutionizing the localization of educational content for Multicampus, enhancing global learning experiences and maximizing educational effectiveness.

This commitment to post-translation refinement guarantees that the final content is not only accurate but also remains relevant and effective in the future.

Project Summary

Multicampus specializes in Human Resource Development (HRD) and corporate education programs, offering a range of services such as job competency training, IT specialized training, foreign language training and evaluation, and knowledge service to companies in various sectors including manufacturing, finance, and distribution. They also provide educational support services like customized HRD consulting, content development, and learning platforms that contribute to the development of personnel and assets for companies.

Multicampus has embarked on a mission of providing multilingual localization for their clients, and to achieve this, they have been leveraging their 20 years of expertise in educational content. Multicampus sought a partner capable of handling highly specialized educational content from various platforms while understanding local culture. Hansem Global, meeting these criteria, has partnered up with Multicampus on content localization for more than 5 years.


  • Management of highly specialized educational content across multiple platforms, which requires localization engineering capabilities to parse and extract only translatable content.
  • Translation necessitates both understanding the original content and language proficiency, which applies from basic in-house training to professional certification exams, requiring accurate translation based on expert knowledge.
  • Understanding of local cultural nuances and using terms and expressions easily understood by local audience.

Our Solutions

Developing a Proprietary Plug in Tool
Hansem Global’s engineering team employs a tailored approach to manage translated content according to the specific requirements of each platform. This involves the development and utilization of specialized tools and techniques to streamline the translation process. For example, we developed a plugin to automatically extract and translate narration from storyboards and extract text embedded in multimedia content such as on-screen text and audio.

Deploying a Linguist Team with Domain Expertise and Creation of a Terminology/Style Guide
Recognizing the need for expertise in specialized content, Hansem Global deployed a team of translators with advanced degrees or extensive experience in the relevant fields. These linguists provided accurate translation based on solid understanding of educational content. Additionally, the translators took the trainings directly related to the content being translated, enhancing their understanding.

Furthermore, native speakers of the target language perform final proofing to ensure natural fluency.
To maintain consistency and accuracy, Hansem Global develops a comprehensive terminology and style guide before project kick off. This ensures that the tone and manner of the educational content remain consistent across translations.

Implementing Post-Translation Process
After translation, Hansem Global ensures the completeness and coherence of the content by meticulously reviewing how the final product appears on the translation platform. They adjust the text’s length and formatting as needed to maintain readability and visual appeal. Moreover, they continuously update the glossary of terms, incorporating new terminology introduced over time in consultation with the client.

This commitment to post-translation refinement guarantees that the final content is not only accurate but also remains relevant and effective in the future.


Continuous quality monitoring ensured the translations met the customer’s standards, significantly improving translation quality through our expertise in project management and domain-specific professional translators. As a result, Multicampus has gained recognition as experts in educational content localization, securing new projects and solidifying their position in the Learning & Development industry.

In the expanding educational content market, successful localization enhances learning experiences, participation, and educational effectiveness. Hansem Global’s 5-year partnership in localizing Multicampus education content has facilitated global educational opportunities, overcoming language barriers. With Hansem Global’s educational content localization services, we invite you to join us for the next stage of global education.