Hansem Global’s Interview with Fox 5, the Leading News Media in the U.S.  

Hansem Global participated in the Drug Information Association conference in 2024 and was interviewed by Fox 5 News about how we leverage AI technology in our translation services. You can watch the interview by clicking the link at the bottom of this blog.

Why Hansem Global Chosen as an Interviewee

Hansem Global participated as an exhibitor at the Drug Information Association (DIA) conference in 2024 held in San Diego in June 2024. Fox News 5 San Diego explored the latest technology trends in AI and its application in the life sciences industry, carefully selecting three exhibitors at DIA for interviews about AI trends and implementation. Hansem Global was chosen due to its leadership and rapid adoption of AI technologies in translation services. During the event, Hansem Global showcased how they leverage AI to accelerate the translation process, demonstrating the substantial impact of AI on their services.

Hansem Global booth at DIA 2024

Bridging Cultural Gaps Through AI-Powered Translation Services

Effective communication across cultural boundaries is more critical than ever in today’s globalized world. This was the focus of a recent feature on Fox 5 San Diego’s “The Localist SD,” which highlighted the essential role of translation services in life sciences and clinical trials. Hansem Global shared how AI is revolutionizing the translation industry by expediting large document translations while maintaining high-quality standards.

Interview with Fox 5 News with Ashley Jacobs

The Importance of Translation Services
Translation services are more than just converting words from one language to another. They are about conveying meaning, context, and cultural nuances that are critical in ensuring that the intended message is accurately received. This becomes particularly essential in a multicultural city like San Diego, where businesses, healthcare providers, and educational institutions frequently interact with non-English speaking individuals.

Leveraging AI for Faster Translations
Hansem Global emphasized that traditional translation methods, while effective, often require considerable time and resources, especially for large documents. However, advancements in AI technology have significantly transformed this landscape. AI-powered translation tools can process vast amounts of text at remarkable speeds, enabling businesses and organizations to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality. They highlighted a recent project where AI technology was used to translate an extensive technical manual within a fraction of the usual time, demonstrating the efficiency and reliability of these advanced tools.

Maintaining Quality with AI
A common concern with AI translations is the potential loss of quality and accuracy. Hansem Global addressed this by explaining that modern AI systems are trained using large datasets that include a wide range of languages and contexts. This training allows AI to understand and accurately translate complex sentences, idiomatic expressions, and cultural nuances. Additionally, human translators often work alongside AI to review and refine the translations, ensuring that the final output meets the highest standards. This hybrid approach combines the speed of AI with human translators’ expertise, resulting in both fast and accurate translations.

Enhancing Business Operations
The feature also discussed how AI-powered translation services are enhancing business operations. Thanks to AI, companies looking to expand into global markets can quickly adapt their marketing materials, legal documents, and product information to different languages. This rapid turnaround helps businesses launch their products and services more swiftly, giving them a competitive edge. For instance, a local tech firm successfully entered the Asian market by leveraging AI to efficiently translate their software and customer support documents.

Improving Healthcare Communication
AI technology is also making a significant impact in the healthcare sector. Clear and accurate communication is vital in medical settings, and AI-powered translation tools are helping healthcare providers bridge language gaps with non-English-speaking patients. An AI-driven multilingual communication system will eventually improve patient understanding and satisfaction in the healthcare industry, as this system ensures that critical medical information is accurately conveyed, leading to better health outcomes.

Minimum Qualifications for a Language Services Partner
When selecting a translation or language services partner, it’s essential to ensure they meet specific international standards. These standards guarantee that the company provides high-quality services and excellent data protection and that it utilizes the latest technologies. Look for the following certifications:

Leading the Way in Technology Implementation   
Hansem Global has pioneered the integration of the latest technologies into our translation processes. Our advancements include automating multiple workflows, obtaining international standard certifications for machine translation and post-editing services, using generative AI for initial draft translations, and implementing automated quality assurance (QA) systems. These innovations result from the collaborative efforts of our localization engineering and production teams, who rigorously test and integrate these technologies into our workflows. We remain committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in language services, ensuring our clients benefit from the latest innovations.

Fox 5 News camera crews


The Localist SD feature on Fox 5 San Diego highlighted the transformative impact of AI-powered translation services in bridging cultural gaps and fostering a more connected and inclusive community. AI is revolutionizing the translation industry by enhancing business operations, improving healthcare communication, and supporting education. As our world continues to globalize, the demand for fast, accurate, and culturally sensitive translations will only grow, underscoring the indispensable role of AI technology in our everyday lives.

For businesses, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and community organizations, investing in AI-powered translation services is about breaking language barriers and building bridges of understanding, respect, and cooperation across cultures.

Hansem Global remains committed to implementing new technologies and ensuring our clients benefit from innovative and enhanced services. If you have any questions about our language services, please get in touch with us at info@hansem.com.

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