Social and Volunteer Efforts Warm Hearts as 2019 Draws to a Close

As December draws to a close, Hansem Global embraces the spirit of giving with a day dedicated to warming hearts and homes in our community. Join us as we reflect on a day filled with compassion, teamwork, and the joy of making a meaningful difference. Warming Hearts and Homes As we approach the end of […]

Hansem Global CEO’s Commitment to Social Responsibility: Supporting the Local Community through the Red Cross

At Hansem Global, we believe that the growth of the local community directly impacts our company’s development. Our CEO has exemplified this belief by personally committing to social responsibilities and seeking ways to assist those in need through active involvement with the Red Cross. Gyeonggi Province Relocation: A New Beginning, Deepened Social Responsibility In 2007, […]

What You Need to Know About Machine Translation and Post-editing

Google Translate can be a great help when you travel abroad and need to have a quick conversation with the locals. ChatGPT comes in handy when you encounter an article written in a language you do not speak. Many other similar “machine translators” help to break down the language barrier so that you can shop, […]

Transforming B2C Sales Training with Gamification

Selling new stuff in today’s crowded market?Great salespeople are only part of the answer. In the past, manufacturers might have relied on their best salespeople to sell anything. But now, it’s important to train your sales team on new products. Why? Because salespeople talk directly to customers. They need to be able to explain new […]

Top 6 Challenges of Asian Localization

Translation fails can make great memes — but while the internet loves a good joke, business stories aren’t usually on the funny side when inadvertent language blunders happen. And when it comes to that, the Asian market is very likely to take the crown in terms of the frequency of translation errors. Yet for global […]

The Importance of a Proper Localization Strategy in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Boehringer Ingelheim is a German pharmaceutical company based in Ingelheim, Germany. It was founded in 1885 by Albert Boehringer when he purchased a small chemical plant in Ingelheim am Rhein. As one of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies worldwide, it has 145 branches across the globe with over 51,000 employees. Its products include prescription drugs, over-the-counter […]

How Hansem Global Transcreated Banking Content for the Asian-American Community

In today’s multicultural landscape, businesses strive to connect with diverse audiences on a deeper level. One such endeavor is the effort by a community bank based in California, to reach out to the vibrant Asian population residing in the United States. Recognizing the importance of effective communication tailored to cultural nuances, One of the biggest […]

Hansem Global’s Affordable, Flexible, and Innovative Publishing Solution

In June 2007, Apple revolutionized the tech industry with the launch of the iPhone, sparking the mobile computing era. This pivotal moment opened doors to handheld internet accessibility, setting the stage for other industry giants like Samsung Electronics to enter the market. As a trusted partner of Samsung, Hansem Global played a crucial role in meeting the evolving […]