Hansem Global, Mentored by The Esteemed Biopharmaceutical Company AstraZeneca

Hansem Global, mentored by the esteemed biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, participated in the Small & Diverse Business Mentorship program organized by the Diversity Alliance for Science. This partnership with AstraZeneca offered a profound opportunity for us to gain insights from a leader in the global biopharmaceutical sector. Throughout the yearlong mentorship, Hansem Global engaged in a […]

The Critical Role of Certified Translations for Life Sciences and Clinical Trials

Trying to take a shortcut through the FDA approval process with a “good enough” standard translation of your clinical trial can disrupt your go-to-market strategy. In fact, the FDA is known to reject submission documents that lack a translation certificate of accuracy. While this scenario presents substantial business challenges, the implications are even more severe […]

The Best Approaches for Korean Machine Translation Insights from “The State of Machine Translation 2024”

As the landscape of machine translation continues to evolve, selecting the right engine for Korean can make a significant difference in translation quality and efficiency. The recently released report “The State of Machine Translation 2024” provides a comprehensive evaluation of various machine translation (MT) engines and large language models (LLMs), highlighting the top performers for […]

The Significance of Bio 2024: A Premier Event for the Biotech Industry and Korean Companies

Bio 2024, held in San Diego, is one of the most anticipated events in the biotechnology sector. This premier conference brings together industry leaders, researchers, investors, and professionals from around the world to explore the latest innovations, trends, and opportunities in biotechnology. This year, a significant number of Korean companies are exhibiting, reflecting the growing […]

How to Localize your Ecommerce Content for Local Holidays

International holidays create ecommerce opportunities all year round, turning every season into a potential peak sales period. But there’s a catch: each market has cultural nuances, traditions, and consumer behaviors that influence purchasing decisions around local holidays. This is where holiday localization comes into play. Done correctly, it’ll boost your revenue around these times of […]

Translating Financial Documents: Best Practices and Considerations

The potential for misinterpretation in financial translation is far greater than most anticipate. Example: Struggling Japanese electronics giant Sharp found itself in an awkward position after a significant translation error in its earnings report compounded the impact of already daunting financial losses. The incorrect translation used the term “material doubt” regarding the company’s future viability […]

Empowering User Assistance: Hansem Global’s AI-Driven Chatbots Transforming the Digital Manual Landscape

In an era where technology evolves at breakneck speed, traditional user manuals are quickly becoming relics of the past. Hansem Global, with 35 years of expertise in user manual development, pioneers the transition to AI-driven user guides through its innovative chatbot technology. This shift is a cornerstone of the digital transformation in user manuals, catering […]

The Vital Role of Back Translation in Safeguarding Patient Safety: A Deep Dive into Translating “Instructions for Use” in Medical Devices

In the complex landscape of medical devices, ensuring clear and accurate communication is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a critical component of patient safety and regulatory compliance. “Instructions for Use” (IFU) serve as the cornerstone of guidance for healthcare professionals and patients navigating the intricacies of device operation and maintenance. However, translating IFU […]