Consumer Experiential Educational Materials for Global Manufacturer’s New Product

Discover how Hansem Global created short-form consumer educational materials to highlight a global manufacturer’s new product features using engaging storytelling within a traveling theme to capture Gen Z's interest and support sales.

Audio Educational Materials for Global Manufacturer’s New Product

Discover how Hansem Global helped a global consumer electronics manufacturer convert traditional visual sales-support materials into engaging audio content. This innovative approach enabled the client’s global sales teams to learn about new products through easy-to-understand audio formats, enhancing accessibility and comprehension across diverse regions.

Educational Video Materials for Global Manufacturer’s New Product

Hansem Global created an innovative promotional video for a leading global manufacturer’s new device. Shifting from traditional how-to videos to an immersive advertisement style, we effectively engaged potential customers and expanded into live-action video content.

Localizing Educational Content for Samsung Multicampus

Discover how Hansem Global's specialized solutions are revolutionizing the localization of educational content for Multicampus, enhancing global learning experiences and maximizing educational effectiveness.


How Hansem Global Helped with Localizing Snapchat App

Check out how Hansem Global approached localizing the app Snapchat, a strong player in AR (Augmented Reality) content, to suit the Korean market.


Hansem Global’s User Manual Expertise in Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Solutions

Discover how Hansem Global successfully developed a user-centric EV charger manual for Humax, overcoming significant technical and linguistic challenges. Learn more about our tailored solutions in this detailed case study.


Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Documents for Semiconductor Equipment

Discover how Hansem Global transformed SOP documentation for semiconductor manufacturing, improving searchability, usability, and operational efficiency. Learn about our strategic communication, documentation excellence, and how we adapt to meet specialized industry needs.


Innovating Product Documents for Advanced HVAC Systems: A Case Study on Navien’s User Documentation

Explore our case study on Navien's collaboration with Hansem Global to develop user documentation for advanced HVAC systems, detailing challenges, solutions, and the outcome of adapting to North American standards.

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