How Hansem Global Helped EHS Insight with Software localization

Discover what Hansem Global focused on in localizing the software developed by EHS Insight, an industrial management engineering company. Learn about the challenges, innovative solutions, and outstanding outcomes.

EHS Insight

Effective Localization of Cloud Platforms: Hansem Global’s Work with NAVER

Hansem Global successfully localized NAVER Cloud Platform's website, ensuring technical accuracy, consistency, and adherence to style guides. This collaboration helped NAVER Cloud Platform enhance its global presence and improve brand awareness in the international cloud market.

Naver Cloud Platform

Professional Voice Guidance Localization for Dashcams and Navigation Systems

Discover how Hansem Global provided comprehensive localization, from translation to professional voice actor recording, for Thinkware's voice guidance service.


Multimedia Localization for Enhanced Voice Command in Wireless Communications

SENA Technology, a global leader in wearable multimedia wireless communications, partnered with Hansem Global to localize TTS voice commands for their products. This collaboration ensured natural, clear, and user-friendly TTS voice guidance, enhancing user experience and reinforcing SENA's brand image.

Sena Technology

Overcoming Retail E-Commerce Localization Challenges: How Hansem Global Supported Alibaba

Hansem Global successfully managed a complex translation project for Alibaba's e-commerce sector, addressing significant challenges like machine-translated content and multilingual source texts.


Linguistic Validation: Screenshot Review in Interface and Linguistic Perspectives

Find out how Hansem Global conducted screenshot reviews. Explore how Hansem Global detects and reviews linguistic errors and interface errors during the screenshot review in the linguistic validation process.

Hansem Global’s Game Content Localization for netmarble

Learn how Hansem Global expertly localized netmarble’s gaming content for global markets through the Localization Quality Evaluation (LQE) process. Read our case study on challenges, effective solution, and outstanding outcomes.


Hansem Global E-Learning Localization Case Study: Meta Blueprint

Discover how Hansem Global, a leader in localization services in Korea, approached the localization of Meta Blueprint, and learn about their approaches and achievements in the field of e-learning localization.